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Hypnotic Dirge Records is the official North American distributor of the prominent Russian Doom Label Solitude Productions. All of the available Solitude Productions releases as well their releases under the banner of BadMoodMan Music (focused more on Death-doom, Gothic Doom, and Depressive Black Metal) and Slow Burn Records (focused on post-rock , post-metal, and sludge) will be available through Hypnotic Dirge, including new releases! 

What is the history of Solitude Productions? 
Solitude Productions is a Russian Label which is quite known around the world as an extremely prolific and consistent purveyor of Doom Metal in its many subgenres ranging from Death-Doom, Funeral Doom, Stoner Doom, Gothic Doom, Sludge, etc. as well as the occasional foray into other metal genres. Solitude's releases include a large amount of eastern-European and Russian Doom bands and browsing through their catalog is an excellent start in discovering the most prominent Doom bands from that part of the world. However, they do release bands from other parts of the world as well. Some of the bands who have had material released through Solitude Productions including Evoken, Comatose Vigil, Abstract Spirit, When Nothing Remains, Raventale, Wine From Tears, Ea, The Howling Void, Kauan, The Morningside, (Echo), Mournful Gust, and many others!

When will new Solitude releases be available through Hypnotic Dirge?
When an album is released by Solitude Productions, it could become available through Hypnotic Dirge Records anywhere from directly on the release date to 4-5 months afterwards. This is because we get large shipments from Solitude Prod. every few months rather than on every release date, which would be quite excessive. 

Why does Hypnotic Dirge distribute Solitude Productions releases?
When running a label, you receive many offers for trades and you also make many offers to trade with other labels because you want to distribute their releases. This was the case originally with Solitude Productions as trades were made, but of course with Solitude releasing new albums so constantly, (usually 2-3 a month!) it was impossible to trade for all of the releases, or anywhere close for that matter. 
An agreement was made with Solitude Productions in 2011 to become their official distributor in North America and have all of their albums available from one webshop on this continent! The albums are purchased at wholesale cost from Solitude so when you order one of these albums you are supporting both Soltiude Prod. and Hypnotic Dirge!

Are there any other associations between Solitude Productions and Hypnotic Dirge Records?
No, not really. Our labels remain separate with two completely independent operations. However, in 2013 we co-released the Vin de Mia Trix - Once Hidden From Sight album and since then have also co-released other albums from Orphans of Dusk, Womb, Immensity, Negative Voice, and Subterranean Disposition. 

Solitude Productions also distributes all of the available Hypnotic Dirge releases for cheaper/quicker shipping for Russian listeners!