Altars of Grief Update - February 14, 2017

February 17, 2017
We are excited to announce that on March 16th, 2017, we will begin tracking guitars for our second, full-length album. As always, Justin Bender (ex-Into Eternity, Third Ion) will be at the helm of this production, to ensure that this record sounds as clear and crushing as intended! 

We can also reveal now that the title of this record will be “Iris” and we are shooting for an early fall release. 

Conceptually, Iris is a story very much built on our prairie roots. Told from the perspective of a struggling father, trying to keep his terminally ill daughter alive, the album progresses through themes of addiction, faith and mortality. It’s also safe to say that this is easily our darkest and most dynamic work to date. 

As previously announced, Raphael Weinroth-Browne (The Visit, Musk Ox, Woods of Ypres, Thrawsunblat) will be providing string arrangements on the record and we will also have more, exciting announcements to come.


Altars of Grief will collaborate with cellist, Raphael Weinroth-Browne on upcoming album!

December 8, 2016
It is a huge honour for us to announce that we will be working with renowned cellist, Raphael Weinroth-Browne, on the new Altars of Grief record!

Raphael is the cellist and composer of The Visit, as well as being a member of the neofolk group, Musk Ox. He has also contributed his talents to some of our favourite albums by Woods of Ypres and Thrawsunblat.

Raphael has already given us a very moving sample of what we can look forward to and we are beyond excited for his involvement in this project...

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HDR_01 - Approaching the Altar (Altars of Grief)

September 9, 2016
Presenting a new HDR video series!
Episode 1: Approaching the Altar - Altars of Grief

We will be making introductory vignette videos for our bands in order to give you some info about our bands' histories, themes, music, and current status. Thanks to HDR's official videographer Erik Labossiere from Wikked Twist Films for his great work! More episodes to follow.

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Altars of Grief Video Update

April 3, 2016
Altars of Grief Update from April 2016.
Find out what the band is currently focused on, including new shirts, shows, and a new song preview at the end of the video!

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Altars of Grief / Nachtterror "Of Ash and Dying Light" included on two " No Clean Singing" year-end lists

January 15, 2016
At the end of each year comes various year-end lists from many music blogs. The Nachtterror / Altars of Grief split release "Of Ash and Dying Light" , released this past summer, was included on a writer from No Clean Singing's year-end list, and Altars of Grief was included on a slightly different category. Links and quotes below.

This year’s list probably features the most rule-breaking...

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Altars of Grief Interview (Smith) with Dead Rheteric Webzine [August 21, 2015]

August 29, 2015
Altars of Grief (Smith) with Dead Rheteric
Interview by: Kyle McGinn
Published: August 25, 2015

You describe yourselves as “Prairie Doom” on Facebook.  Could you elaborate on this?

What's more abysmal than the solitude of an 8 month winter? Endless skies, violent storms, frigid temperatures and desolation; put simply, we're inspired by our surroundings and our music is a reflection of that!

Who are some of the band’s biggest influences?

I think that everybody in this band draws from a differe...

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ALBUM RELEASE: Nachtterror / Altars of Grief - Of Ash and Dying Light

July 9, 2015
ALBUM RELEASE: Nachtterror / Altars of Grief - Of Ash and Dying Light
July 10, 2015

Today is the official release date of the Blackened Doom Metal masterpiece split album "Of Ash and Dying Light" from Nachtterror and Altars of Grief! Head over to our Bandcamp page now to hear the split in its entirety, and be sure to also download it to receive the digital-only bonus songs that are not streaming on the page!

Those who pre-ordered the vinyl should also head over to the Bandcamp page to download t...

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Altars of Grief Interview with Aleks @ No Clean Singing [July 6, 2015]

July 6, 2015
Altars of Grief interview with Aleks (No Clean Singing)
Published: July 6, 2015

The official press-release of Canadian label Hypnotic Dirge Records announces with justified enthusiasm: “This summer, Altars of Grief and Nachtterror — two Saskatchewan-based Blackened Doom bands — will collaborate on a new split vinyl with new material from each band. The vinyl split, entitled Of Ash and Dying Light is set to be released worldwide in a limited edition 10″ vinyl, as well as dig...

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Altars of Grief/Nachtterror Radio Interview - Metal Nation Radio [July 4, 2015]

July 6, 2015
Erik Labossiere from Altars of Grief and Nachtterror spoke on Metal Nation Radio on July 4, just a few days before the release of the "Of Ash and Dying Light" record! MNR also premiere Altars of Grief's cover of "Room of Angel" from Akira Yamaoka, the composer of the Silent Hill series and at the Nachtterror track "Fall of the Sabbath" at the end of the show! 

Erik Labossiere interview starts: 21:55
Altars of Grief - In Dying Light: 31:35
Altars of Grief - Room of Angel: 38:43
Nachtterror - The B...
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SONG PREMIERE: Altars of Grief - In Dying Light

June 25, 2015
SONG PREMIERE: Altars of Grief - In Dying Light
June 25, 2015

Last week, No Clean Singing premiered a track from Nachtterror's side of the "Of Ash and Dying Light" split record and now this week it's Altars of Grief's turn! No Clean Singing is premiering the track "In Dying Light" from Altars of Grief' side, giving you an opportunity to finally hear a track from both bands on this split album!

We are currently accepting pre-orders for the limited 10" split record between Nachtterror and Altars o...

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