Altars of Grief Feature on Beatroute [May 25, 2015]

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Altars of Grief Feature on Beatroute
Published: May 25, 2015
Feature by: Willow Grier
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Forged from the ashes of two tech-death metal bands and with roots spanning from black metal to hardcore, Altars of Grief is a different breed of doom metal. Their debut LP This Shameful Burden (2014), is a highly mature endeavour filled with soaring atmosphere and deep feeling.

Inspired by Woods of Ypres, My Dying Bride, Agalloch and Stomach Earth, band founders Evan Paulson and Damian Smith were brought together with bandmates throughout the Regina music scene. Eventually, they joined former Into Eternity guitarist Justin Bender, who ended up producing the band’s debut. In essence, the album plunges listeners into blackened pits of suffering. Dwelling on themes of guilt, self-loathing and regret, it heavily orchestrates a storm of melancholy and trepidation. Taking a cue from bands like Behemoth, the album is featured on the band’s website with detailed liner notes, explaining the inspiration.

“I tend to write very personal things,” explains vocalist Smith. “I thought it might be interesting to explain the process.”

After an incredibly busy year of touring, writing, music videos and merch releases, the band has found a strong chemistry and put together their second collection, a split 10-inch vinyl with fellow Regina blackened doom metallers Nachtterror.
The four-song release, entitled Of Ash And Dying Light, was created with even more focus on visceral emotional construct.

“We came back from our first tour really positive, and it inspired us to go out and do this as much as possible,” describes Paulson.  “We just make goals and go for it. If something needs to be done, we have five people in the band who are committed to the outcome, so there’s no question.”

Their hard-working, ardent approach has not only garnered them plenty of favourable reviews but also translates during their live shows. Smith describes their performance as not being “the typical stoic doom metal approach. It’s full of energy and very passionate.”

Paulson adds that they have been told they “look possessed,” because of “playing the emotions out” so intensely.
With their feverish work ethic, in-your-face approach, passionately technical guitar and bass, and rousing percussion, Altars of Grief is poised for domination.

See Altars of Grief during Calgary Metal Fest. They play on June 5th at Lord Nelson’s with Mortillery, Dead Asylum, Xul and more.

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