Looking for a Music Video Creater/Director

Posted by Nick Skog on Tuesday, June 2, 2009

As some of you may know, I have a Pro CD/DVD split release with Symbiosis coming up in September entitled 'These Engulfing Winds Never Die'

Featured on the DVD on my side thus far are 3 music videos, a screenshow, and a Nature Scenes Montage.

The Music Videos are for the tracks:

I Walk Through Vast White Fields
Land of the Midnight Sun
And Silence Finally Prevails...

I am interested in adding another music video to the DVD in which an outside 'director' creates the concept, films it, and edits the final product. I am most interested in getting a music video done for one of Ancient Tundra's Ambient Black Metal tracks from a forthcoming album 'La Misere D'u Hermite Triste'

So far, there are 3 tracks created from the album...

Devoid of all Feeling
Lost in Claustrophobic Thought

They are all on my music player if you wish to have a listen, and choose one of these songs to create a music video.

I would of course, like something to be profesionally done, with a strong concept rather than something poorly made.

Of course, I will give you full credits on the album and a copy of the album for your work if you are interested.

Aspiring "Short-film makers, and drectors take notice!
Spread this around please!