Astral Luminous Album Two

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, June 11, 2009
I have now officially started working on the 2nd album! This album, will be completely experimental black ambient. The sounds used so far are more advanced than before, and production is much clearer and more dynamic. My vision is for the album to be completely instrumental (Experimental black ambient). However, I have considered incorporating a small amount of vocals (myself) and traditional metal instruments (Guitar, bass, drums). I am working on the first song right now. I expect for a sample clip to be finished, and upload onto my page's music player within a week or two. Keep checking back for updates.


Sales for Lunaric Tide have been really great! What's more impressive is the response I have received, and how far it seems to have reached. I want to say that I really appreciate the response it has gotten from all of you. Thank you. My label, Hypnotic Dirge Records, still has copies available so contact Skog if interested. Posters are available also! ...and please keep sending in reviews!

"Mentis, Corporis, Anima."