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Posted by Nick Skog on Monday, January 11, 2010
Scott Johnson/Astral Luminous Interview - Hi Scott. How are you?

~ I am good! I have been working lately, and enjoying the lovely fall weather. By the way, I am honored to be part of this interview. I am very appreciative.

Can you give the readers a short description of where Astral Luminous stands for?

~ Astral Luminous is inspiration. It is the mind, body, and soul in one, the embodiment and manifestation of them. It is music to express my personality and approach to music, and also provide insight into New Age Spirituality.

You’re a one person project. Can you tell us why?

~ I do not have anything against multiple person groups. Obviously there are many important bands, and the forumla works wonderfully. The idea of multiple persons creating one sound, one creation is wonderful, makes it that much more special. Astral Luminous is a solo project because it is a personal endeavor. It would not be so personal anymore if I welcomed a session musician and taught them the music, or had another person create music with me. Do not get me wrong, I love collaboration. However, Astral Luminous is a personal endeavor, and would like to keep it that way, nothing personal.

Your album is out for a while. How did people respond on the album?

~ Lunaric Tide did very well! I am surprised as to how many and the types of results I discover on Google. It has reached many labels, distributors, 'zines, and listeners. I do not have insecurity in my project, but for a first album, I am surprised how wide it has spread. I have received some bad reviews, but mostly good. It has executed the effect I hoped it would. Hypnotic Dirge Records did a great job of promoting it, as well as my friends on and off line, and promotions/..distributions labels.

How did you get in contact with Hypnotic Dirge Records? Are you happy that you get involved in the label?

~ Good question. I believe I discovered the brand new page on myspace, just after it was created. It looked promising, based upon the image and approach to the genre/..underground. The owner, Skog, is a really cool guy and a great musician, and has great ideas for the label. His approach is unique, and full of potential. I wish him only the best in his endeavors with HDR. I am very happy to be a part! The other projects are really cool people as well, and very talented musicians. My project may not be as dark as some of the other projects, but I respect them and feel its a good place for me now.

You have a great feeling for cosmic subjects. Where does that come from and how do you place it into your musical products?

~ It comes from inspiration. Knowledge, and studies of subjects such as astronomy, psychology, philosophy, religion, science, history, are very important to me, and speak to me. I feel it is dire to have a broad knowledge of these subjects, as an individual. It is important to seek further understanding of this world we live in, the things we can see, and things we cannot. When including these inspirations in my music, I do not wish for it to be as if to be "Preaching". Instead, I want to create an atmospheric canvas for the listener, and give them the clay to mold it into their own interpretation,.. wether shallow, or deep. Example; if one person were to like it for the "heaviness" or "power", and another to receive inspiration to desire to learn more about spiritual subjects, etc. Overall, I try to create something personal, soulful, and unique.

In what conditions do you compose your music?

~ Conditions... As far as recording goes, I am at my home writing, wether it is playing along with a musical inspiration trying to create my own melodies, or spilling the melodies that continuously play inside my head, always developing. I mostly start from guitar, or bass for foundation. As of recently, I have started with drums though, Im trying to have a different approach and study the outcome. I have my own recording equipment, and I use what I have. Since the last album, I have much better recording equipment, and a further developed composition talent, as well as musically advanced. All instruments and melodies are created and executed by myself. I also execute all recording, mixing, and mastering. In solitude is usually best for deepest insightful thinking and understanding.

You say you use new age/esoteric beliefs. Can you give us a description about your belief in live and religion?

~ It is important to me to be individualistic... Knowledge and understanding of our world, psyche, and universe is very inspiring, it speaks to me. With my project, I do not take any certain political or religious stance, I choose to keep a neutral image, so as to not be judged or stereotyped by potential listeners. I am not psychic, and have a lot of learning, and growing up to do. Which is why I focus on my studies of psychology, anatomy, biology, religion, in hopes of reaching my highest individual potential.

You say you seek your personal endeavors. Why is that? What do you hope to reach with your music?

Personally, I do so because it is meaningful to me. Like I said, I believe a broad spectrum of knowledge is important to have, especially in the present with how rapidly our world is changing. I am not afraid to die, just want to make my life here meaningful, and have substance, rather than not making a difference.
Musically, I hope to give listeners a deeper insight into their own spirituality and self, perhaps even inspire them to grasp onto their own personal studies. I want them to also have personal truth seeking endeavors. I do not wish for fame, although it would be nice to reach a wide audience. My purpose is to express my personal music, and if even one person truly gets it, understands it, that is what I wish. However, I do wish many people find something special in Astral Luminous; whether it be to inspire them as musicians, artists, teachers, explorers, whoever they are. Whatever you are, Define Yourself.

What can we expect from Astral Luminous in the future?

~ I am currently writing and recording the 2nd album. Progress is slow beginning... but I will get there. The album layout will be designed by Ba'al Graphics, same as with my 1st album Lunaric Tide. However, the art will have a slightly different direction. You will see! Samples will be uploaded onto the Myspace page for now. Another thing, is I hope to have shirts available within the next few months. Also, one of my songs will be part of a very special Hypnotic Dirge Records Compilation, which will be available for FREE download, artwork included. It will include tracks from all the projects on the label. It will be available soon. Check the page for updates.

Do you have a message to the Dutch readers?

~ I am honored to be part of this interview! I would love to befriend some more peoples of Dutch origin (and others), and really do hope they like my music. I have much respect for them. Please spread the word about my project, and do not hesitate to contact me about ANY inquiry! Thanks again for this opportunity, hope to hear from you all soon. You will definitely hear from me again.