Astral Luminous - Transition Period

Posted by Nick Skog on Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Astral Luminous is currently going through a transitional period.

I have decided to re-construct the image and purpose of this project. I will still create experimental metal/ambient, and still create dark atmospheres, however I am trying to slightly pull away from the black metal image.

When I started this project, I meant for it to be a Ambient black metal project, but also experimental incorporating cosmic themes and sounds. This inspiration, still holds true, even stronger in fact! However, I wish to create a more down-to-earth music, imagery, and ideology. Space, and the universe are a very real thing in our lives. In fact, the other day I watched a tv show talking about how the ancient cultures relied on the moon, the stars, the sun for guidance and understanding of life such as time (Mayan calendar, sun dial), nature such as food and water, construction such as shelter, all these things and more. Today, most people often simply glance, and ignore the beauty but most importantly, the importance of such things. That is why I created this project, in homage for a better understanding of our lives, psychology, the universe, etc. Not just as expression for myself, but as an offering of insight to others as listeners, in hopes of instilling a heightened sense of spirituality or at least inspiration in some artistic form.

Now that I have matured, I seek a different approach. A more personal, and down to earth endeavor. All these things stated before will still be held true, but in a more "solid" manner. It is very hard to explain, but in my upcoming musical and visionary offerings should give you a more concrete understanding of this.

Astral Luminous... Galactic Black Ambient?

No more...

...but the memory will live on.

"Mentis, Corporis, Anima."