CONTEST: Win Lycanthia / Atten ash signed 7" test pressing!

Posted by Nick Skog on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 Under: Other
Win a test pressing of the Lycanthia / Atten Ash split 7" vinyl which was signed by everyone from Atten Ash and everyone from Lycanthia, all of the signatures of the nine musicians involved in the recording! These two vinyls traveled to North Carolina, USA, and Sydney, Australia to get signed, and are now here in Saskatoon. On April 4, a draw will take place and two people will win a test pressing each!

To enter:
Send an email to with the subject line "ENTRY TO TEST PRESSING CONTEST" Make sure to use the same email address that is connected to your paypal address. This enters you into the contest. 

If you have entered into the contest, each CD (or shirt, or magazine) you order between March 13 - April 2 will earn you one ticket for a draw that will take place on April 4. The more CD's (or shirts, or magazines) you order, the better odds you will have in the draw!

You only have to enter once by sending an initial email. After that, your "tickets" will accumulate automatically on our end. We will send all participants an email outlining their odds before the draw takes place!

Each vinyl signed by:
James Greene (Atten Ash)
Barre Gambling (Atten Ash)
Archie Hunt (Atten Ash)
Lee Tassaker (Lycanthia)
Vanessa Black (Lycanthia)
Megan Tassaker (Lycanthia)
Stephen Mikulic (Lycanthia)
Mathew Newton (Lycanthia)
Lachlan Donaldson (Lycanthia)

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