Ekove Efrits solo-member releases side project 'Inner Trip' on Fluttery Records!

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Saman Nu, the solo member and composer of Ekove Efrits as well as other HDR project Silent Path has been working on another side project throughout the latter half of 2010 called Inner Path, and a few weeks ago released the debut album which is entitled "Somewhere near the pulse" on Fluttery Records based in the USA.

Inner Path is an experimental electronic album with wide-ranging influences such as modern classical music, ambient, and trip-hop. The debut album entitled Somewhere near the pulse' contains seven tracks in this style and is available to order from Fluttery Records at this link: 

1 - Eltanin And Old Melodies
2 - The Pulse Of Nature 
 3 - Lifestream 

 4 - Dancer With Dreams

 5 - Moonlight And Her Shoulder
 6 - Labyrinth 
 7 - Eternity 

You can also listen to the songs streaming in full at this location: 
However, despite the fact that the songs are available for free streaming, please consider ordering this album and supporting a fantastic musician and a label obviously committed to releasing fantastic experimental music and offering full song streams for free! 

Press Release from Fluttery Records:

Fluttery Records is the home of many creative artists from all over the world. The label is now releasing the debut album of Inner Trip from Iran. 'Inner Trip' is the musical solo project of Saman N (born 1984, graphic artist and musician), on which he started to work since the spring 2011.

The project's musical genre was based on cinematic soundtracks in which there were multiple influences from other genres like 'Modern classical', 'Ambient', 'Electronic', 'Trip Hop'. However, Saman N's unique style of musicality also made 'Inner Trip' an "Experimental" project in the sense of musical genre. Beside of transferring his sole feelings to the audience, Saman N has quoted attempts to produce a music which could create strong visualizations for them.

'Inner Trip' started with the production of 'Somewhere Near The Pulse' album which was composed, recorded and produced from winter 2010 to summer 2011, an album with seven tracks and 46:49 length.

It is an album with seven pieces based-on cinematic and emotional atmosphere with lots of strange musical elements which are gathered to depict a dreamy dramatic story. He says “It's like a prophecy because there is no flat line to follow, no definite structure but that's all about a way to represent an inner world while strings, drums, woodwinds and electronic sounds combine to make a wide scene in the front of listener.”

As Saman N. quoted that during the production of "Somewhere Near The Pulse", he always tried to free himself by listening solely to the inspirations inside him and allowed these elements to shape his music as it should be. Therefore, he has called this album as an interesting risk in his artistic profile. Close your eyes , turn up the volume a bit and let the dreams began, have a good trip!

More Info:   http://www.flutteryrecords.com/  

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