Epitimia interview with Feedback Metal [Oct. 15, 2012]

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Epitimia interview w. Feedback Metal [Oct. 15, 2012]

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Russian three-piece Epitimia have been receiving some positive reviews from fans and critics alike for their latest album Faces of Insanity (check out our review here).  I spoke to them recently 
about what they plan on doing next.


Your stage names are simply letters, what is the reason for this?

Yes, letters, as simple as that. When Epitimia was created we wanted to be nameless without using any pseudonyms. The main thing is music, not the people who made it. And if listeners perceive our music the way it is (excluding the impact of the musicians’ individualities) we would be really happy. People sometimes need bright heroes, but if musician’s charisma is more important for the public than music.  I think, it is show business and it is far away from pure art.

How would you describe the new album in comparison to your previous releases?

New album is a new spin in our work, the new page in developing band’s conception. “Faces of insanity” is much more experimental than our previous works and we will continue these experiments in future. This album has better sound than other previous works, but it is still expressly old-fashioned and may be simple but I think this simplicity added originality to this release.

What was the reason for choosing the theme of the album to centre around the idea of an individual suffering from a mental disease?

Epitimia’s lyrics were always very personal, so we simply tried to develop our ideas into new conception. I can tell you that there is not a very big difference between lyrics on “Four truths of the Noble Ones” and on “Faces of Insanity” in general, but on the first one we used Buddhist mythology as conception and on the second one we created a story about the person with mental sickness. Frankly, this new storyline is more interesting for us, so maybe it will find continuation on our next work.

Now that ‘Faces of Insanity’ is completed and released, are you pleased with how it turned out and the reception it has had?

At first, we really appreciate the work that was done by Hypnotic Dirge Records. We had a great promotion from their side and support, so we are completely satisfied. Another thing that it is really great is reception “Faces of Insanity” had. We got many nice reviews; some of them were really exciting to read. The work on this album was hard, so we are really pleased with how it turned out!

How did you find the recording process, were there any parts of it you liked more than others?

The recording of our album was interesting, but not simple and took a long time. But I liked the time we spent in the studio while recording drums and vocals and I also liked post-production period.

Are there any plans to make your early work available to new fans?

We have an idea of re-recording some of our old songs in the new way, but we will start doing it after our fourth album is completed. We also will try to re-release some of our previous works.

Have you any plans to tour the record?

We started to search for musicians to join Epitimia, but we still don’t have all the members, so the concert activity is not possible.

What is next for Epitimia?

By this day we have completed music for 18 songs for our new album. The next step – is the recording vocals and production. I hope that our next work will see the light in 2013.

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