Depicting Abysm/Windbruch/Gmork - "Silentium!" FREE DOWNLOAD (Ft. members of Epitimia)

April 11, 2013

Hypnotic Dirge Records is pleased to announce the release of a free digital download split album between three atmospheric black metal bands from Russia - Depicting Abysm, Windbruch, and Gmork. The album is entitled "Silentium!" and features three brand new tracks from each of the bands! 

Depicting Abysm is a side project of members of Epitimia, A. and K.

"Silentium!" is now available for free streaming and download from the Hypnotic Dirge bandcamp page, youtube channel, and HDR Downloads' section. Since this is a free digital release, we are also encouraging reuploads on metal blog sites, and 'zines. 

"Silence – it is a pause between two emotional strikes, but even there a “scream” can take place." In this case, the choice of the song order is not accidental:

Depicting Abysm: I, II, III
Windbruch: IV, V, VI
Gmork: VII, VIII, IX 

Listen here:

Depicting Abysm/Windbruch/Gmork split coming soon! (Ft. members of Epitimia)

April 5, 2013

On April 11, Hypnotic Dirge Records will be releasing a 3-way atmospheric black metal split from three Russian bands: Windbruch, Gmork and the side project of our very own Epitimia called Depicting Abysm. This will be a FREE DIGITAL RELEASE with the name “Silentium!” consisting of 9 untitled tracks titled with numbers and will be available from the HDR Downloads section and the bandcamp page.


Silence – it is a pause between two emotional strikes, but even there a “scream” can take place. In this case, the choice of the song order is not accidental:

Depicting Abysm: I, II, III

Windbruch: IV, V, VI

Gmork: VII, VIII, IX 

Epitimia Interview with Pest Webzine [02/17/2013]

February 18, 2013
Epitimia interview with Pest Webzine - February 17, 2013
Interviewed by Sonia Fonseca
 Original Link

Russia is not very famous for its metal bands but it surely holds a few great names, being Epitimia one of them. They are currently preparing their 4th album that shall see the Light of day later this year and Pest thought it would be an awesome idea to let them speak about their ideas and so forth. 

According to the wikipedia, an epitimia is a means of spiritual correction, prescribed for serious transgressions: witchcraft, apostasy, fornication, murder (including abortion), grave-robbing, and so on. So, why did you choose the name Epitimia?
The band’s name was created by chance when there wasn’t any conception. And although it is connected with Christian tradition, the meaning of this term for us is more individual. It expresses inner spiritual struggle being an allegory of conscience and remorse. I want to note that we don’t have any religious or political ideology in the band’s conception. Any religious symbols must be/ should be seen as a metaphor. 

The name of your first demo "You, Whose Name Dies On Quivering Lips” was taken from a poem of Russian poet Lev Mei. Are you often inspired by literature? Who’s your favorite author? 
Yes, we do use many quotes from various sources in our works. It can be poetry and music. With their help we try to create more ways of understanding our music - straight and allegorical. Literature often inspires K. when he creates lyrics. Now he is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, Semyon Nadson and some ancient mythologies. Talking about personal preferences, members of Epitimia like Russian classic prose and poetry and some philosophical works.

How would you define your sound? In your myspace it is described as depressive metal but is this the most accurate definition?
I must say that our MySpace page is currently out-of-date. May be our music contained some depressive metal tunes, but now our music can be described as post-black metal with various influences, including post-rock and some metal subgenres. When we create music we do what we want and don’t focus on specific style. 

With "Faces of Insanity” you started a new phase in the band’s history because you try to make experiments with different musical structures. Why is it so important to experiment? 
We try to make experiments because we want to develop the music and band’s conception. Musically it still has black-metal-based sound, but it is interesting for us to combine different musical elements in our compositions. In fact, Epitimia was created as an experiment, so it is a part of our message.


Your music has received awesome reviews worldwide. How do you feel knowing that the music you create is inspiring tortured souls everywhere?
It is great that our music inspires people, but it is not dedicated only for "tortured” souls, but for many listeners who are open for new sounds and ideas. 

What’s the main concept behind your music and lyrics? 
All our concept is in lyrics and music. In Epitimia we try not to pay attention to other things, such as ideology, pseudonyms and etc...

Late last year you said you had more songs ready and wished the new album would be released this year... is it actually going to happen? How are things thus far?
Yes, we have 18 songs written for our fourth full-length and over the half of lyrics. We hope that this album will see the light in the second half of 2013. This work will be strongly conceptual and will continue the theme we started in previous albums. Our next album will be the most eclectical our work and we will use there some pieces from trip-hop and post-rock music. We even have songs with electronic, reggae and latin guitar parts. Also we will have some saxaphone parts performed by guest musician, so some conservative metal fans should be shocked. Lol!

You have a female drummer which is not that normal. Do you function well as a trio or do you think things could be better if you had more members?
In fact, we now have another member – I., he will perform some rhythm guitar parts on our next work. We try to find more members, but it is hard to find good and creative musicians in Saint-Petersburg, so we still have a vacant spot on solo guitar. I must say that Epitimia always was a studio project, but now we rehearse some songs and prepare for the big work as a real collective.

The band photo available reminds me of the 70’s bands as lot. Are you a fan of the sound from that era? What kind of music inspires and influences you the most?
We like different kinds of music, and Epitimia combines elements and tunes from different styles that we like. We respect some bands from the 70’s, especially old art-and progressive-rock, but their specific sound doesn’t influence us.


How’s the relationship with Hypnotic Dirge Records so far? Do you think it is helping you get the recognition you deserve? 
We are totally happy with our collaboration with Hypnotic Dirge Records. Nick, the owner of the label, gives us all the support we need. He also helped us to find guest musician, so we must thank him for all what he does.

How is it being an extreme band in Russia? I believe everyone remembers the episode with Pussy Riot! Did this "affect” people’s view of extreme bands at all?
As I said earlier, Epitimia doesn’t have any ideology, so we do not feel any pressure. But we know some bands (mainly oppositional to the regime) who are being persecuted by the system.

How’s the extreme metal scene in your country? It is easy to have access to cds and concerts and all?
Russia has many extreme bands, mostly underground. You can easily order the cd’s through the net distros and go to metal or hardcore concerts. Unfortunately, not many people are interested in visiting concerts or bying Cd’s. So there isn’t a strong extreme scene in Russia because of the lack of audience.

Have Epitimia played live already? Being a trio isn’t easy but it would make a lot of people happy. Have you received any invitations so far?
We had some invitations for the concerts but we decided to wait until we will have a full-packed live group. Playing live is not our general intention, but some day we hope to have a concert.

Please share a final message with our readers! Keep up the awesome work!
Thank you for kind words and interesting questions.
We wish everyone takes care of themselves and of the ones they love. Keep an open mind!

Epitimia Interview with Metal Recusants Webzine [02/16/2013]

February 18, 2013
Epitimia interview with Metal Recusants - February 16, 2013
“Who is More Insane – The Society That Can’t Accept Individuality or a Person Who Thinks Differently?” 
Interview by: Veronica
 Original Link

Epitimia is a three-piece atmospheric, post-black metal band from Saint Petersburg, founded in 2008. The band has released three albums so far – To The Non-existing Shades… (2009), Four Truths of the Noble Ones (2010) and Faces of Insanity (2012).  Check out the interview below, where you can read about the band’s origins, their latest album, touring and more.

Veronica – The band has been around for five years. Please tell us a few words about the origins of the band. How did you form and why did you decide to adopt the name ‘Epitimia’?
Epitimia - Epitimia was born in January 2008 when we tried to find the raw and atmospheric sound. At that time we used to play in a symphonic/melodic black metal band called Autarchy, but we had a bigger interest in depressive black metal.  So we recorded our first Epitimia demo and the result was good, so we decided to move on with this project. The name was found accidentally. This term is connected with the Christian tradition, but we do not use any religion concepts in our music. “Epitimia” now has a very personal meaning for us.

Veronica - Your music is a mix of atmospheric black metal, doom metal and post-rock. Which bands have influenced you and inspired you to play music?
Epitimia – We can’t say that any concrete band had inspired us, but we listen to a lot of music and try to combine elements of different music genres that we like. As for me (A.), I started to play music when I was inspired by death-doom metal bands.

Veronica - Your third album entitled Faces of Insanity was released six months ago. How different is the last album to the previous two?
Epitimia - Faces of Insanity has big development in sound. It is still far from the sound of professional recording, but all instruments are well-played and recorded. The mixing is better too, especially for the home studio. Also our new album has more experiments. For example, we started to combine post-rock elements with atmospheric black metal. The third album has a stronger concept with a good storyline. But some things remained the same: we still use parts of classical music (a good listener may find the last lines of the chorus in “Epikrisis VI – Leucotomy” similar to “Ode an die Freude” by Ludwig van Beethoven and will be right).

Veronica - How has the reception of the album been? Looking back at the recording process, are you fully satisfied with it?
Epitimia - Yes, we are completely satisfied with the album’s reception. We received many great reviews worldwide, that’s very good for a Russian band.

Veronica - The album tells the story of a person suffering from a mental illness. Why did you choose this lyrical concept?
Epitimia - We were always interested in this question. All our songs are about inner struggles. In Faces of Insanity we just developed this idea into a big concept. It is a depiction of a man who has a confrontation with society, which wants him to think ordinary. He refuses to do that, he hides in his own inner world, so he is considered as “insane”. Every song is another page of his contemplation about his life and every name of these songs is the sentence from society to him. But the main question is: Who is more insane – the society that can’t accept individuality or a person who thinks differently?

Veronica - Are you planning to do a tour in Russia or Europe to promote the album?
Epitimia - Epitimia for five years was a home project, so we haven’t played live yet. But now we got a new member – I. who will perform rhythm guitar parts. He will do some work on our fourth album. But we still need more musicians, so the concert activity is a far future business.

Veronica – Which band would you like to tour with sometime in the future?
Epitimia - Heh, great question! Talking to a post-black metal scene it would be great to tour with Deafheaven, An Autumn for Crippled Children and Lantlôs. But I think it would be interesting to gig with post-metal and neocrust bands, these guys are insane.

Veronica - What are your favorite albums of all time?
Epitimia - For A. they are: Procol Harum – “Grand Hotel”, Pink Floyd – “Wish You Were Here”, Forest Stream – “Tears of Mortal Solitude”.
For K. they are: Harold Budd & Brian Eno – “The Pearl“, *Shels – “Sea of the Dying Dhow”, Телевизор – “Дежавю“.

Veronica - Have you started writing material for your next album? When can we expect a new release?
Epitimia - We have 18 songs for a next release, over 100 minutes of music, so the fourth album will consist of two parts. Half of the songs will be more dark and aggressive; the other part will be more light and experimental. There will be lots of post-rock elements, and excerpts from different musical styles, such as trip-hop and electronic.

Veronica - Thank you for your time. The final words are yours!
Epitimia - Thank you for the questions! We wish everyone to develop their taste and try to discover new music and objects of art.

Epitimia interview with Feedback Metal [Oct. 15, 2012]

October 19, 2012
Epitimia interview w. Feedback Metal [Oct. 15, 2012]

Original Link

Russian three-piece Epitimia have been receiving some positive reviews from fans and critics alike for their latest album Faces of Insanity (check out our review here).  I spoke to them recently 
about what they plan on doing next.


Your stage names are simply letters, what is the reason for this?

Yes, letters, as simple as that. When Epitimia was created we wanted to be nameless without using any pseudonyms. The main thing is music, not the people who made it. And if listeners perceive our music the way it is (excluding the impact of the musicians’ individualities) we would be really happy. People sometimes need bright heroes, but if musician’s charisma is more important for the public than music.  I think, it is show business and it is far away from pure art.

How would you describe the new album in comparison to your previous releases?

New album is a new spin in our work, the new page in developing band’s conception. “Faces of insanity” is much more experimental than our previous works and we will continue these experiments in future. This album has better sound than other previous works, but it is still expressly old-fashioned and may be simple but I think this simplicity added originality to this release.

What was the reason for choosing the theme of the album to centre around the idea of an individual suffering from a mental disease?

Epitimia’s lyrics were always very personal, so we simply tried to develop our ideas into new conception. I can tell you that there is not a very big difference between lyrics on “Four truths of the Noble Ones” and on “Faces of Insanity” in general, but on the first one we used Buddhist mythology as conception and on the second one we created a story about the person with mental sickness. Frankly, this new storyline is more interesting for us, so maybe it will find continuation on our next work.

Now that ‘Faces of Insanity’ is completed and released, are you pleased with how it turned out and the reception it has had?

At first, we really appreciate the work that was done by Hypnotic Dirge Records. We had a great promotion from their side and support, so we are completely satisfied. Another thing that it is really great is reception “Faces of Insanity” had. We got many nice reviews; some of them were really exciting to read. The work on this album was hard, so we are really pleased with how it turned out!

How did you find the recording process, were there any parts of it you liked more than others?

The recording of our album was interesting, but not simple and took a long time. But I liked the time we spent in the studio while recording drums and vocals and I also liked post-production period.

Are there any plans to make your early work available to new fans?

We have an idea of re-recording some of our old songs in the new way, but we will start doing it after our fourth album is completed. We also will try to re-release some of our previous works.

Have you any plans to tour the record?

We started to search for musicians to join Epitimia, but we still don’t have all the members, so the concert activity is not possible.

What is next for Epitimia?

By this day we have completed music for 18 songs for our new album. The next step – is the recording vocals and production. I hope that our next work will see the light in 2013.

Epitimia on Facebook.

Epitimia interview w. Aristocrazia Webzine - July 24, 2012

July 24, 2012
Recently, A. from Epitimia did a new interview with Aristocrazia webzine. 
The interview is posted below:

Epitimia is a Russian band that has recently joined the roster of Hypnotic Dirge. The trio is ready to release the third album "Faces Of Insanity", let's see what they have to tell us about themselves.

Welcome to Aristocrazia Webzine, the hot summer has arrived, what's the situation in your place?

The summer has arrived after long raining, so the weather is great now.

Let's start by talking about your story, how was Epitimia born, what is the meaning of the moniker, and who are the members of the line-up?

The story of our band started in early 2008. In fact we used to play music earlier in various projects, but we never worked with melancholic black metal before. We tried to get interesting and atmospheric sounds at our home studio and the first four songs were born there. It was our first demo "You, Whose Name Dies On Quivering Lips". These songs were published in the internet where they received some good comments. So we began to look for releasing label. Soon we found Mexican label Self-Mutilation Services, which was ready to release our stuff as a demo tape. Releasing the demo was a good start, so we decided to go on with this project. "Epitimia" is a Christian term, but we use it in another meaning. For us it is the way to penance in general through catharsis and mental pain. As a name of a band, "Epitimia" is not connected with the church, but with deep internal feelings.

The band was created by two people:
A. – guitars, keys and programming
K. –lyrics and vocals

But now there are three members in Epitimia. M. joined the band as a drummer when we were recording our second full-length "Four Truths Of The Noble Ones". She also performs back vocals.

Four years have passed since you formed the band, right? You’ve arrived to the third album, this means that the second one (the most complex to deal with) is behind your back; your next album is considered as a proof of maturity. What are the cards in the hand of Epitimia, what are the ingredients that will create "Faces Of Insanity"?

The new our work has a sound that we really like. We also have a good conception now and we will try to develop it in the future. The style of this album is different from the other works and it is also a new phase in Epitimia’s history.

Having listened to your earlier works "To The Non-Existing Shades..." and "Four Truths Of The Noble Ones", where the atmosphere often shove towards a certain "depressive style", and having been able to have a full preview of "Faces Of Insanity", I noticed a less occlusive, less frightening and more melancholic approach. Has this decisive turn towards post-rock been the key to the emotional change your music has been subject to?

We can’t say that Epitimia has changed its style dramatically. We had some experiments with other musical structures even in the second album. Our new work is just another result of this experiments and it differs from the others in much more post-rock tunes. We play music that is close to us and we try to keep our self-expression unbounded.

How do you compose your music? Is there a method that you’ve used during the years? Do you use jam sessions?

As we said earlier, we compose most of our music at home. But at first we go to a studio where M. records drums. She has to improvise, because we have no idea about what we get in the end, we only discuss tempo and drumming style. Then we go to our home studio, where the rest of music is composed. Only there it gets its structure and main conception.

What about the lyrics? What are your references? Where do you draw inspiration to develop it?

K. writes lyrics after the music has done. He listens to the mix and catches the atmosphere of it. The music creates images in his mind which he tries to reflect on paper. These texts often include his own emotions. The lyrical hero of our songs remains the same in every our work. Epitimia’s songs are the reflection of his world view. In many of our songs we make references to mythology and literature, which also gives us a lot of inspiration.

How do you like the music scene in your country? Russia is a vast territory, full of very good bands, are you in contact with any of them? Is there some sort of circle of formations with which you habitually play with, or simply keep in contact with? Is there a real scene?

In Russia there are many interesting bands in different music styles. But talking about post-black metal there are few bands that are really original and creative in our opinion. We can choose only several bands. The last Stielas Storhett’s album is very enjoyable and innovative. Also we are waiting for second full-length from atmospheric black metal project Windbruch. Epitimia keeps in touch with some of the Russian musicians. For example, we still have a good relations with Russian black metal band Gmork after working together at split-album "Solar Wind / Four Seasons". In addition, we want to say that Russia always been filled with great bands and musicians, but now we don’t have a really strong musical scene.

What do you think about the music scene today? What are the pros and cons of this age? Are there elements that you just don’t like?

We think that today there is a good time for developing music in general, to combine styles in something new. Today the music listeners are ready to get something innovative, they wait for originality in music, so it is a good basis for progress. So many interesting bands and projects are being created. But there are many bands that use the same ideas and conceptions as hundreds others. Many of them just want to be trendy. We don’t think that is the good way of making music.

Art has always been mirror of its time: in every phase of human history, music, literature, or any form of thought assuming an artistic shape has been able to capture the meaning of the situation, often conveying complex concepts. In the current European situation, so complex and decadent by both a social and an economic point of view, the secret weapon should be culture itself, don't you think? Don’t you think that the spreading of digital music and the proliferation of TV programs that reward "pseudo talents" are not helping at all? Are there the so-called talent shows in Russia?

Of course, when the social situation in the world is difficult it gives a big inspiration to the culture development. In Russia we often have "difficult times", especially in the last 20 years, so the musical culture blossomed with many interesting bands and even movements. There always were "pop culture", "alternative culture" and high art. In our opinion the popular culture that is spread through the mass media has no spirituality, so it can’t be called "culture" in a full meaning of this word. That "talent shows" that you have mentioned is the quintessence of show business – the way of making money on "pseudo art". In Russia we have a couple of talent shows, but it is ignored by us, just as many forms of show business.

Let's get back to "Faces Of Insanity"; what words would you use to describe it?

To describe the album we can use these adjectives: atmospheric, mentally insane, eclectic, autumnal, abstract, decadent, anti-social, suicidal.

The strange essentiality of the cover intrigues me; who has created it and how do you read it?

The cover art was made by Russian designer with a nickname Jonatan Strange. He did a good job to describe album conception in a cover picture. On this picture you can see the face of our main lyrical hero that is distorted with insanity. This is how he has been seen by the society, which tries to stigmatize him as an insane person. It’s all because he is different from other people and doesn’t want to be changed. He has his own morality and his own understanding about what is normal. But the society anyway tries to condemn him, despite its own misconceptions about normality.

Are you a project that lives only in studio or do you also have a live dimension? If you do, what is the "on stage" experience that you remember with most pleasure?

Epitimia has never played live yet, but time shall tell if our "only studio" status will change.

What are your short-term programs after the release of the album?

We are working at our fourth album. Now we have music for about 15 songs. The album will be divided into two parts. The first part will be heavy and atmospheric metal and the second will be light and experimental music with progressive and post-rock elements. After releasing "Faces Of Insanity" we will start recording vocals and some additional instruments. Also we are in search for new musicians to join the band.

Who are Epitimia outside the band? Work, passions, everyday life?

Frankly, it is not important, who we are – the main thing is a music that we make.

It's time to say goodbye. Wishing you the best luck, I leave you the word for the last time to end our conversation as you see fit.

Thank you for the interesting interview. We are glad that our music interests people, and we hope that our new album will not disappoint the listeners.

ALBUM RELEASE: Epitimia - Faces of Insanity

July 16, 2012
Epitimia's new album 'Faces of Insanity' is now available!

The latest album from the three piece atmospheric black metal/post-rock band from Epitimia is now officially released and available to order from their label Hypnotic Dirge Records. In addition to the CD version which is available for the label's website, the full album, entitled Faces of Insanity has also been made available for free streaming in its entirety at Hypnotic Dirge's bandcamp page where you can also purchase the digital download for $5.00. 

Combining an intriguing blend of atmospheric post-rock, and depressive black metal, this is a well-written, unique and innovative album which definitely sees a strong progression from past Epitimia albums - To the non-exisiting shades, and Four Truths of the Noble Ones. Throughout the album, the songwriting shows a band with a strong capability for providing heavy doom metal, experimental ambience,  raw black metal catchiness, and a deep melancholy which plods along with purpose throughout the album's duration added onto by a cacophonous wall of harsh vocals courtesy of vocalist, K. and occasional female vocals from M.  

Band members say: “With the every new album we try to improve the sound quality, to add new fresh tunes to our music, to improvise with the atmosphere. In our music we do like quotation from classical masterpieces, so if you are careful listener, you will find many interesting bright moments in our works”.

Order CD:
Free streaming/Digital Download:
Band page:


Epitimia interview w/ This is not a Scene Webzine (July 2, 2012)

July 2, 2012
A. - Guitar player, composer, and member of Epitimia recently conducted an interview with This is not a Scene 'Zine discussing the new Epitimia album 'Faces of Insanity' coming out on July 14th, including its progression, and concept, as well as the band's history, and more.

You can read the interview in its original location here: 

A. Of Epitimia Talks To ThisIsNotAScene


Russia’s Epitimia will release their album ”Faces of Insanity” this summer. The album could be best described as a combination of rock and black metal. Sound intriguing? It is, and it is also one of the best underground albums you will hear this year-If you seek it out and give it a chance. Check out the below interview with the mysteriously named A.

I really enjoyed “Faces of Insanity” and found it to have a unique sound. How have advance reviews been?

We’re glad you loved our music. The “Faces of insanity” will be released in the middle of July, but we’ve already received some good feedback about three songs from this album that now are available in the net.

Can you go over the band’s history and background?

Epitimia was created by A. and K. as a home project. The band history can be divided into several phases. The beginning of our work and recording our first demo “You, Whose Name Dies On Quivering Lips…” and full-length titled “To the Non-existing Shades…” refers to the first phase.The music quality was raw and the style could be described as ambient black metal.

The working on the second album “Four Truths of The Noble Ones” and two split albums refers to the second phase, when our music was very melodic. We also used additional instruments and interesting samples there. That was the time when M. joined Epitimia as the third musician. She played drums, violin and performed some back-vocals. M. also took part in recording “Faces of insanity”. That album will open a new phase in the band’s history where we try to make experiments with different musical structures.

For a black metal band you seem to incorporate a lot of rock and atmospheric sounds into the music. What bands influenced you?

We are not positioning ourselves as black metal band, although our music is black metal-based. We try to make interesting music in the first place. We now use many elements of rock and atmospheric music, and we are going to continue the style-mixing in future.

Talking about bands that influenced us, it is difficult to choose exact ones, so we’ll simply say that atmospheric black metal and post-rock/metal is close to Epitimia.

Are you worried about any kind of backlash from BM fans from incorporating these elements into your sound?

We are making music not only for black metal fans, but all the listeners who are open to fresh and new music. We pay attention to all the constructive criticism about what we do, but it will never have general influence on our motivation.

When the band changes style even a bit it is normal to get some backlash from conservative fans. We can only say to them that only time shall tell if we will use some of our old tunes in the future.

Can you go over the concept of “Faces of Insanity”?

All the bands’ concept is based on expression of emotions, thoughts and experiences of the lyrical hero. This hero remains the same in all our works. In ”Faces of insanity” we tried to describe some double-standards of the society which stigmatizes our hero as an insane person.

Every song of the album is the new epicrisis to him from the world around, but it is also a new step in his spiritual development. The final song is named ‘Diagnosis’ so that it is sentence, but not only for individual that couldn’t oppose the hostility around him, but also for all the society that has a twisted understanding about what the normality is.

How did the deal with Hypnotic Dirge Records come about? Has it been a good partnership so far?

Frankly, we had some problems in finding a label to release ”“Faces of Insanity””, but whenHypnotic Dirge Records offered cooperation everything normalized. We can confidently say that we have a good partnership. Hypnotic Dirge Records gives us all the support thatEpitimia needs at this moment.

What do you feel are the hallmarks of good black metal? Is the atmosphere and lyrics more important than a quality sound?

We think the main thing in black metal is good atmosphere and originality. It is also very impetuous style of music, so the emotions must be pure. The sound quality needs to be good enough for listener to understand the main conception of music and lyrics, but it can sometimes have some flaws.

I had never heard any Russian BM before you guys. Are there many others?

There are many BM bands in Russia, and there are some very good ones as Stielas StorhettDjurAstel Oscora.

How do you feel about downloading and file sharing and why?

We don’t mind downloading files to make the acquaintance with the band’s music, but we also think that buying a CD is the good way to support musicians and label, if you liked what they had done.

File sharing is also a good way to promote your material. We published two of our first works in the net and only after that we were offered the physical release from the labels.

Talking in general, what is now going on around file sharing is because of greedy major labels and politicians. Pity, but many simple people who only want to continue doing their work can suffer from this.

Any other projects you guys are involved in that you want to mention?

We used to play in different musical projects, but all of them are now split-up or on hold because all our attention is now concentrated on Epitimia.

Anything else you want to say?

We wish you all many interesting and exciting musical experiences.


Epitimia interview with Pest Webzine [June 22, 2012]

June 27, 2012
Epitimia recently answered some questions for Pest Webzine' "Blitz Quitz" feature in which they ask a set of standard questions to artists in the form of a mini-interview. You can read the interview below, or at its original location here: 

Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
The band was created by A. and K. in year 2008. They both had worked in some musical projects before.
The debut demo (You, Whose Name Dies On Quivering Lips) was finished very soon and then was released by Mexican label Self-Mutilation Services. It was positively received by listeners and we decided to continue our work. The first full-length was titled "To the non-existing shades...” It sounded rough, but there were many interesting songs and it was very bright work in early Epitimia years. 
The second full-length (Four Truths of The Noble Ones) was released in 2010 in Russia on CD and in Germany on vinyl. It was recorded with a new member – M. on drums and violin. With her great help we recorded our third work that is going to appear at Hypnotic Dirge Records in the middle of this summer. 
With the every new album we try to make a step forward in developing our music, its sound and conception. And the main conception in our music is to tell about inner experiences of abstract lyrical hero.

How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? 
We try not to use any clichés to describe what we do and sometimes we simply can’t. It’s all because we don’t think about it when we are working at the new song. The only thing we want is to get a good and original result. We think that audience must determine our style.
We like different kinds of music and I think there are many bands that had influence on us. I don’t think we can distinguish the bands which had the biggest effect.

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
I don’t think you must pay attention to our music only if you are a metalhead. Our music is dedicated to all the people who like original sound and interesting conception. Also, we like quotations from classical music, so if you are careful listener you may find some of the quotations.

What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? 
We have released two full-length albums "To The Non-existing Shades...” and "Four Truths of The Noble Ones”. Also we have released two split albums: 5-way split "Five Roads to Eternity” (with Fluctus, Nirmal Hriday, Circle of Ghosts and Man O'Moon faces)and split with Russian band Gmork titled "Solar Wind / Four Seasons".  Also we have re-released our debut demo in Russia.
We mostly get positive reviews from web-zines and metal magazines (We got 4 stars from 5 in Four Truths of The Noble Ones’s review in one of the largest metal ‘zines in Russia – Dark City). But also we get some negative words about vocals and sound quality. Some people didn’t like changes in our sound after our first work, but I think any band always gets some negative views when its style changes. 

Do you play live as well? How`s your live activity so far?
Epitimia have never played live so far. 

What sould labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
We try to deal with labels that are open to the new interesting tunes. When the mind is open to the new the music tells all itself. 

What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
As I said earlier our third album is appearing this summer at Hypnotic Dirge Productions. Also we are working on the 4th full-length album. We have already made music for over than 15 songs, so in the near future we are finishing the recordings. I hope that we will record all vocals this summer and some additional instruments. After that we will be in search for the cover designer and releasing label.
Also we have decided to develop Epitimia into a concert band, so we are going to look for the musicians soon.

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
You can buy our works at the main pages of releasing labels - Firstborn Chaos Productions (Russia), Rigorism Productions (Russia), NitroAtmosfericum records (Russia), Grailight Productions (Russia), Runenstein records (Germany), Occult Devotion Records (Germany), Self-Mutilation services (Mexico). Also some our works are available at the Hypnotic Dirge Records distro. 
To listen to our music you can on Epitimia’s myspace page (, some songs from upcoming album are fully available at Hypnotic Dirge Records website (

June 2012

Epitimia released new track 'Epikrisis VI: Leucotomy' from upcoming Faces of Insanity album.

May 5, 2012
Epitimia released new track 'Epikrisis VI: Leucotomy' from upcoming Faces of Insanity album.

The track 'Epikrisis VI: Leucotomy' from the upcoming Epitimia album 'Faces of Insanity' has now been made available for streaming and free download. This is the third and final track to made available from the upcoming 'Faces of Insanity' album which is Epitimia's third full-length and first release on the Canadian label 'Hypnotic Dirge Records' also known for acts such as netra, Ekove Efrits, stroszek, Subterranean Disposition, and The Foetal Mind. The 'Faces of Insanity' album is scheuled to be released in early July and will be available worldwide. The main concept of the album is to tell the story of an individual suffering from a mental disease. 

Epitimia is a three-piece atmospheric Black Metal, post-rock influenced band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. "Epitimia (from Greek ἐπιτιμία - penance) is to be understood as an interdiction which, according to Church canons, the priest as a spiritual physician may apply in certain cases in order to treat the moral diseases of his spiritual children". But for the members of the band it has a little different meaning. Epitimia – is an individualistic way to control the human spirit through self-improvement and self-contemplation. 

Band members say: “With the every new album we try to improve the sound quality, to add new fresh tunes to our music, to improvise with the atmosphere. In our music we do like quotation from classical masterpieces, so if you are careful listener, you will find many interesting bright moments in our works”.

A. - Music, Guitar, Bass
K. - Vocals, Lyrics
M. - Drums, Female Vocals

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