Song Premiere: Epitimia - Delusion I - Escapism [From upcoming album: (Un)reality]

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New track from Epitimia entitled "Delusion I - Escapism" from upcoming double album (Un)reality online now!

A new track from the atmospheric black metal/post-rock band Epitimia from Saint-Petersburg, Russia is now available for free streaming and download! The track, entitled "Delusion I - Escapism" is from the forthcoming double album (Un)reality which will be released in January 2014 on Hypnotic Dirge Records in a luxurious 6 Panel digipack accompanied by a 12 page booklet.

Band members had the following to say specifically about this track:
"Delusion I - Escapism represents an illusory world of the main lyrical hero, where he tries to live the rest of his days with his own fantasies and hopes. But this world is fragile, and the objective reality that surrounds him starts to destroy it."

The new album "(Un)reality" is a culmination of over a year's hard work for the band which has been working on an expansive and ambitious follow-up to their last album "Faces of Insanity" which was released in the summer of 2012. This new album, which has been the subject of lots of careful deliberation and attention to detail is now recorded and the design of the artwork is in its last stage. "(Un)reality" includes lots of new innovations and interesting ideas by this eclectic post-rock, atmospheric black metal band. Tortured black metal screams alongside a progressive and experimental cacophony of sounds, even including guest saxaphone across the album from D'arcy Molan. (Guest sax player of the Subterranean Disposition album as well, released on HDR in October 2012) Epitimia continues to show tremendous growth and maturity through their years and "(Un)reality" is certainly a plateau for them so far and their most accomplished effort yet!

Artwork on this release was created by Mayhem Design from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Mayhem Design has previously designed artwork for bands such as Paganland, The Sullen Route, Munruthel, Frozen Ocean, Aborted Fetus, and Atmosfear Magazine among many others.
You can also find them on VK.

The tracklist for (Un)reality is:

01 – Birth
02 - Delusion I – Escapism
03 - Delusion II – Ataraxia
04 - Delusion III – Frustration
05 - Delusion IV – Contemplation
06 - Delusion V - Post scriptum
07 - Delusion VI - Mors putativa
08 - Delusion VII – Elysium
09 – Metanoia

01 - A Flash Before Death
02 - Illusion I – Muse
03 - Illusion II – Oath
04 - Illusion III – Foretime
05 - Illusion IV – Reflection
06 - Illusion V – Far Away
07 - Illusion VI – Fracture
08 - Illusion VII – Catharsis

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