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Depicting Abysm/Windbruch/Gmork - "Silentium!" FREE DOWNLOAD (Ft. members of Epitimia)

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, April 11, 2013, In : Free Downloads 

Hypnotic Dirge Records is pleased to announce the release of a free digital download split album between three atmospheric black metal bands from Russia - Depicting Abysm, Windbruch, and Gmork. The album is entitled "Silentium!" and features three brand new tracks from each of the bands! 

Depicting Abysm is a side project of members of Epitimia, A. and K.

"Silentium!" is now available for free streaming and download from the Hypnotic Dirge bandcamp page, youtube channel, and HDR Downloads' sec...
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Epitimia Interview with Metal Recusants Webzine [02/16/2013]

Posted by Nick Skog on Monday, February 18, 2013, In : Interviews 
Epitimia interview with Metal Recusants - February 16, 2013
“Who is More Insane – The Society That Can’t Accept Individuality or a Person Who Thinks Differently?” 
Interview by: Veronica
 Original Link

Epitimia is a three-piece atmospheric, post-black metal band from Saint Petersburg, founded in 2008. The band has released three albums so far – To The Non-existing Shades… (2009), Four Truths of the Noble Ones (2010) and Faces of Insanity (2012).  Check out the interview below, where y...
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Epitimia interview w. Aristocrazia Webzine - July 24, 2012

Posted by Nick Skog on Tuesday, July 24, 2012, In : Interviews 
Recently, A. from Epitimia did a new interview with Aristocrazia webzine. 
The interview is posted below:

Epitimia is a Russian band that has recently joined the roster of Hypnotic Dirge. The trio is ready to release the third album "Faces Of Insanity", let's see what they have to tell us about themselves.

Welcome to Aristocrazia Webzine, the hot summer has arrived, what's the situation in your place?

The summer has arr...

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ALBUM RELEASE: Epitimia - Faces of Insanity

Posted by Nick Skog on Monday, July 16, 2012, In : Album Releases 
Epitimia's new album 'Faces of Insanity' is now available!

The latest album from the three piece atmospheric black metal/post-rock band from Epitimia is now officially released and available to order from their label Hypnotic Dirge Records. In addition to the CD version which is available for the label's website, the full album, entitled Faces of Insanity has also been made available for free streaming in its entirety at Hypnotic Dirge's bandcamp page where you can also purchase the digital do...

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Epitimia interview w/ This is not a Scene Webzine (July 2, 2012)

Posted by Nick Skog on Monday, July 2, 2012, In : Interviews 
A. - Guitar player, composer, and member of Epitimia recently conducted an interview with This is not a Scene 'Zine discussing the new Epitimia album 'Faces of Insanity' coming out on July 14th, including its progression, and concept, as well as the band's history, and more.

You can read the interview in its original location here: 

A. Of Epitimia Talks To ThisIsNotAScene

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Epitimia interview with Pest Webzine [June 22, 2012]

Posted by Nick Skog on Wednesday, June 27, 2012, In : Interviews 
Epitimia recently answered some questions for Pest Webzine' "Blitz Quitz" feature in which they ask a set of standard questions to artists in the form of a mini-interview. You can read the interview below, or at its original location here: 

Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
The band was created by A. and K. in year 2008. They both had worked in some musical projects before.
The debut demo (You, Whose Name Dies On Quivering L...

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Epitimia released new track 'Epikrisis VI: Leucotomy' from upcoming Faces of Insanity album.

Posted by Nick Skog on Saturday, May 5, 2012, In : Song Premieres 
Epitimia released new track 'Epikrisis VI: Leucotomy' from upcoming Faces of Insanity album.

The track 'Epikrisis VI: Leucotomy' from the upcoming Epitimia album 'Faces of Insanity' has now been made available for streaming and free download. This is the third and final track to made available from the upcoming 'Faces of Insanity' album which is Epitimia's third full-length and first release on the Canadian label 'Hypnotic Dirge Records' also known for acts such as netra, Ekove Efrits, strosze...

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