Frigoris Interview with Melting Album Reviews [June 3, 2013]

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Frigoris Interview with Melting Album Reviews
June 3, 2013

After reviewing the upcoming ‘Wind’ from atmospheric black metalers Frigoris, I was gifted with the opportunity to ask the group’s frontman a few questions. We talked about the band, the differences between records and even views on how the internet has changed an industry.

·Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Firstly, who are you and what is your role in Frigoris?

Thank you for this opportunity. My name is Dominik Winter and I’m the head of Frigoris. Besides playing the guitar and doing the lead vocals, I write the songs and lyrics and do all of the management stuff.

·Your latest album, ‘Wind’ is due out in a matter of weeks, was the making of the record any different from past releases, if so, in what ways?

It took a lot more time to compose this album. The first fragments were already written in 2010 and could evolve during the following 2 years. I already knew that the sound should castaway most of the pagan elements of the earlier records and so I focused on creating a complex, absorbing atmosphere while writing the songs.

Last but not least it also was our first time recording in a professional studio which gave us the chance – besides creating a great sound – to work highly concentrated on some details of the songs which is not possible in a rehearsal room to that degree.

· Are you happy with how the record turned out, was everything where it was supposed to be?

Writing your own music is a hunt for the perfect song, perfect atmosphere and perfect sound. There is always a little something that could have been better but without that the excitement of doing all that would be gone. I think Wind is a well-rounded record and I really like what came out but I also learned a lot while writing the songs as well as visiting the studio and so the hunt will go on and drive us further.

·What groups or artists would you consider to be your biggest musical influences, not just in terms of style but those that got you into music in the first place?

It is very hard for me to specify that. When I started Frigoris I was a die-hard fan of Amon Amarth but I never got at least a vast sound that could have been considered similar to them. I would say it is all about atmosphere – at least it works for me this way. For example when I listen to Der Weg einer Freiheit I just forget everything around me enjoying the feeling they create and when I write music I try to reach the same. Somehow I managed to create my own writing style and when music inspires me it incites me to reach that great level of music in my own writing. On my way so far there are not many bands that managed to touch me for a very long time. Some of them are Nagelfar, Agalloch, Alcest or This will Destroy you.

·The music industry has changed vastly in a matter of years, the most notable change is the use of the internet to share, promote and sell records. Do you prefer this modernized industry or would you prefer people to look through their local music store to find the ‘gem’ they are looking for?

I think especially our generation of musicians really profit from the internet because it is much easier to spread your music not just in your region but in the whole world. On the other hand it’s much harder to step out of the mass of bands that try to get their music promoted. But this is just for the first insight in a band. If I could choose between a download or a real Jewelcase I would never choose the download. Holding a CD in your hand gives you a feeling of having something really valuable and creates a much greater bond between the listener and the music. So I’d say that the internet is really great for promotion but buying a CD instead of downloading it is much more satisfying 

·How is your band received while your at home? Does it compare well to the international following you have gained, and is still gaining?

There was an important turning point in our history in the end of 2010/early 2011 when Pelle joined us on the drums and we started playing the first songs of Wind live. From that moment we began to feel an acceptance in our local “scene” due to our development towards atmospheric black metal combined with a stable and good live line-up. Since then we gained more and more fans here and therefore also the interest outside the ruhr-area and even outside of Germany grew. I hope this will continue and that we will have more opportunities to play shows in whole Europe. Wind will be an important milestone for that.

·Is there anyone you’d like to see have a ‘featured/guest spot’ on your next album, if so, why would you choose them?

If there was any guest musician I would like to participate on a Frigoris album it would be Alboîn from Eïs. He has a really great voice and already had some guest appearances in great records like the first Lântlos album or Argypnie’s 16[485].

·Are there any 2013 releases that have caught your ear, album’s you would consider mentioning?

I’m expecting very much of the new Deafheaven album. Roads To Judah was very inspiring and I hope Sunbather will even exceed that.

·Our readers are more often than not musicians themselves, what gear did you use to record ‘Wind’ and is there any advice you would like to give to those beginning in the metal industry?

Due to the fact that we visited a professional studio we had the chance to use a lot of equipment we don’t have in our rehearsal. 

I think the best advice I could give anyone starting an ambitious band is: Do it yourself. If you want to play gigs – organize them. If you want to have contact to some more important people – just write them. Don’t rely on other people. We experienced that you can’t get forward if you show no initiative.

Thank you very much for answering all these questions! Hopefully this will only see Frigoris make a bigger name for itself in the industry.

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