Frigoris Interview with The Sonic Sensory [October 5, 2016]

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Frigoris Interview with The Sonic Sensory
Published: October 5, 2016
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1. Your new album has been out for a while. How has the response been to ‘Nur Ein Moment…’?

So far the reactions from the press as well as our fans were thoroughly positive which makes us very happy. ‘Nur ein Moment…’ is quite different from ‘Wind’ and it is good that everyone seems to still like it.

2. How far has the band come in terms of sound? ‘Wind’ was a particular high point for critical acclaim; how has Nur Ein Moment developed from that sound?

We gained a very good footing on ‘Wind’ which was taken as a basis for the new songs. On the other hand I think that we should evolve with every new album so it was never the aim to just repeat what we did on ‘Wind’. The way the songs were written, the recording and especially the mixing process were changed. All that paired with the experience we gained during the making of ‘Wind’ fused to what has become ‘Nur ein Moment…’.

3. How’ the promotion cycle been going? How much support is a lable like Hypnotic Dirge Records come release week?

Hypnotic Dirge Records gives us all the support we could wish for. Of course we know that they are a small label and a bigger label might be able to get us further but the balance of giving and taking in this relationship is a lot better than anything other labels have offered us so far.

4. Tell us about some of the influences behind the new record. How do they relate to the music?

I think “Nur ein Moment…” is a bit more influenced by Post Rock and Doom Metal than our previous works. We have large clean parts and the tempo overall is a bit slower than the usual Black Metal stuff but I think it is hard to pinpoint that influence to certain bands or events. During the writing process of “Nur ein Moment…” I did not listen to much Black Metal and maybe that is why we drifted away from Black Metal a bit in general but all in all I think that we are still clearly positioned in those realms – especially within the modern German one.

5. Who did the art for ‘Nur Ein Moment…’?

The cover was painted by Sarah Wiedow and the digital rework and the rest of the artwork was done by Sascha Voß from Written-in-Black Designs.

6. How quickly do the creative juices flow? Are you already working on new music or just focusing on the current release cycle?

The concept of “Nur ein Moment…” and its successor was originally planned as one album but the arrangements of the songs became so projecting that it was necessary to split it in two. So the work for the second part “…in Stille” already started before the first part was finished to a certain degree. Although I took a break to let some time pass before starting with the new music I’m pretty sure that the next album will come faster than our usual three years.

7. How was the recording process? Did everything flow together naturally or did some features of the new album need to be forced into shape to fit the record’s style?

Our preparation for our recordings were very good so the recording itself went very smooth. Problems arose in the mixing and we tried different technicians until we found Daniel Heyn who was able to pour out the best from our material. It took some time but it was worth the effort in the end.

8. What are some basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to recording a new Frigoris album? Some advice for bands trying to get noticed in this genre?

I think the most important thing is honesty and to be open minded. This whole genre of Post Black Metal is an open and honest reflection of emotions and structures of modern society and to produce an album that is worth listening you should never force anything just to fit conventions. On the other hand your own vision of your music is always biased and it is a good idea to work with technicians and producers who don’t hesitate to give advice that might enhance your sound. But in the end it is important that you like what you do.

9. Have any other bands caught your ears this year as far as new music goes?

To be honest unfortunately I didn’t catch much new music in the last months but I’m quite excited for the new Waldgeflüster album with whom we will play in November and the preview of the new Alcest album seems to show that this record could be a good one again.

10. What’s planned for the band? A few shows, tours or just sitting back with a glass of wine or two?

We did have a longer live pause during the mixing of “Nur ein Moment…” so I’m very happy that we will enter the stage again in November and December and I hope that we will be able to continue this in 2016 with a lot more shows.

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