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“Pandemic Transgression”
HDR – 018
Hypnotic Dirge Records


 H.P. Lovecraft once wrote, “I have harnessed the shadows that stride from world to world to sow death and madness.” With those powerful words in mind, Vultyrous, the man behind the band Funeral Fornication, humbly and respectively presents his latest offering Pandemic Transgression to the masses. This latest full-length is scheduled for worldwide release mid 2011. 

 “Pandemic Transgression has been the biggest and most grandiose endeavour yet for Funeral Fornication.” Explains Vultyrous, “I feel that I have tapped into something with the new material that I had not previously explored. There is new elements at work on the album, both in style and structure. On the whole, I find the songs to be more progressive, more epic, more ambient, and at times, more symphonic while still maintaining the depressive black metal edge, albeit soaked in atmosphere.” 

 Pandemic Transgression is the first full-length Funeral Fornication album that showcases not only Vultyrous' skills as a guitarist, bassist, and orchestrator, but also his ability to sing as well as scream. “The clean vocals on Pandemic Transgression are much more upfront than they have been on anything I've done prior with Funeral Fornication. The mix of clean singing, shrill screams, and low gutturals is something I always wanted to do, but Solitude And Suicide was not the right album on which to showcase that. Pandemic Transgression is.” Says Vultyrous, “I can easily say that this album is my best work to date.”  

 When it comes to theme, Vultyrous explores the notion of mankind being a disease, and with dark and often esoteric lyrics, tells of the shadows that stride from world and world to sow death and madness. Our world is next. Doomsday comes in June 2011! 

 The album was recorded in Vancouver at Artep Studios, where it was mastered by Petra “Artep” Sobotka.

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