Galaktik Cancer Squad releases track 'In Lichterlosen Weiten'

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Galaktik Cancer Squad releases track 'In Licherlosen Weiten'

The track 'In Lichterlosen Weiten' from the upcoming Galaktik Cancer Squad album "Ghost Light"' has now been made available for streaming and free download on the Hypnotic Dirge Records bandcamp page! 

From the vacuous depths of space, the great pathogenic force of Galaktik Cancer Squad will once again return to haunt the aural realms of the earth with their first ever physical release, ‘Ghost Light.’ An ambitious one-man project from Germany, Galaktik Cancer Squad was formed by Arwohn in 2011 and has to the point before Ghost Light released four albums digitally. Aggressive, and experimental post-black metal with cacophonous discordant vocals combine with moments of soaring post-rock melancholy that make you soar to other dimensions. Simultaneously mind-bending and sky-searing, Galaktik Cancer Squad on a physical medium for the first time ever captures the best of the project yet. Extremely well-written and forward thinking experimental black metal, embrace summer, sun, and the galaktik cancer squad!

The track 'In Lichterlosen Weiten', specifically, has received positive feedback from both album reviews completed so far:

"Our favorite track is the very diverse “In lichterlosen Weiten”, with a very harsh opening filled with blast-beats and growls, this song slowly transforms into more melodic and engaging territories. With amazing Post-Rock and atmospheric elements after the sixth minute, this track showcases the band’s abilities to transform their compositions into very diverse and genre-pushing epic songs."
-Infernal Masquerade Webzine (Total Score 90/100)

"In lichterlosen Weiten is the probably one of the best tracks I have heard in a long while from a post black band. I am not sure what goes on through the dark mind of Argwohn but the brain waves are at its peak when creating such remarkable music. Be prepared to travel through time and space with this hard hitting flow of pulsating emotions. Seriously this track is going to grab you and hold you till the end especially when the more angelic parts of the post rock guitars and piano come into play. Wow, such beautiful melancholic touches that resonates through the spine and might give you the chills. Almost Awe-mazing, if you will. In lichterlosen Weiten in my opinion, is probably the best track on this album. Some could agree and some could probably disagree. It just depends what elements you look for in sound, whether it'd be the more heavier moments or the more somber and softer moments. In lichterlosen Weiten has both elements balanced well so it would be a favorite for any extreme metal fan. Now take a breather... thus the journey continues."
-Infinite Desolation Blogspot (Total Score: 5/5)

As well as 'In Lichterlosen Weiten', the preceding track on the album 'When the void whispers my name' is also available on bandcamp. You can stream and download both tracks and listen to 21 full minutes of the album now.

On July 21, 2013, the full album will become available for streaming and $5 digital download. 
The CD version of the album is available to pre-order now and will be shipped to you about one week prior to the release date. Anyone who places a pre-order for the CD will also receive the full album download while they wait for their CD to arrive. So, if you like these two tracks a lot and can't wait until July 21st to hear the full album, pre-order the CD and hear it now!

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