'Wandering Streams' Compilation

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, May 29, 2009
The concept

"Wandering Streams" is going to be a compilation of dark ambient musicians from all over the world. However this will not be just another ambient compilation: all the tracks will be mixed together, in order to create a unique long composition. The idea of a mix compilation is not unusual in other fields of electronic music, but the ambient genre, which really inspires things like these, rarely saw this kind of compilation. Moreover, other ideas will complete the picture, such as a possible surround mix and an organization of the material not following a simple track-by-track order, but each track will be itself fragmented and used in different loci of the long song. Disassembling the work of many to obtain a real work of One: expect for something never heard before"

Immundus has had the honour of being chosen to participate on this compilation alongside artists such as Symbiosis, Ancient Tundra, Uruk-Hai, Old Village and many other great artists.

Visit their official Myspace page to have a more detailed info on this compilation and all artists involved: