Reviews of the 'Poemia' Free Download Single Release

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, March 4, 2010

From the opening notes of 'Poemia', Immundus once again underlines that his music defines the dark ambient genre, delineating his ability to hold an audience and translate solitude into a melodic design.

'Poemia' is a three single album based on the literary works of Edgar Allan Poe, and is the fourth auditory vision from the Norwegian ambient artist.

'Poemia' is a work that holds one concept, and thus its progressions seem to be a larger depiction rather than three divided pieces. They all intertwine and evolve from one-another; this album is meant to be listened to from its beginning to end - like a long, intriguing literary piece that one cannot put down.

From the opening motifs of the first track – 'The Sleeper' - an intricate atmosphere builds to enrapture its audience. With a slow build up of soft dynamics, there is a constant ambiance underlined by melodious and yet almost spontaneous accents. 'The Sleeper' takes you into solitude that Immundus has perfectly defined throughout his career, knowing exactly how to capture a personal space, and in this case an album that musically represents the melancholy of the writings of Edgar Allan Poe.

'Alone' is an unambiguous progression from the first piece, bringing forth soft and yet powerful undertones of synth, concurring with sounds that capture a feeling of an unknown and yet intriguing quality. The title seems to be a contrast to the emotions created, as the polyrhythmic quality casts a feeling of another entity around you, as well the essence of not knowing what is going to happen next.

The crescendo of 'Poemia' truly identifies this. The final piece - 'Spirits of the Dead' - is the summation of the aforementioned feelings and emotions, translated by possessing music that expresses a melancholy and tonality that continues to linger in ones mind after the conclusion of the album. This track is the strongest portion of the album, being the only one that has a true path within its evolution.

The juxtaposition of the high toned synth with a yielding, lower end main motif, for me personally does reflect the emotions achieved through Poe’s work, as there is always a hidden sorrow, something that perhaps the audience does not see, until being enclosed by Immundus’ music, and finding a place within ourselves to explore with a magnificently haunting soundtrack. As 'Spirits of the Dead' withers away, the void lingers for some moments on.

by Voltage Media (AU)


Immundus, a dark ambient artist from Portugal/Norway, released a single album called Poemia.

The main inspiration behind this album is the infamous Edgar A. Poe and his literary. The single album consist of three songs:

1. The Sleeper

2. Alone

3. Spirits of the Dead

The album is available for download at the website at the end of this review. This is some really dark ambient music and I really dig it a lot. Very creepy and desolate. It's best to be listened while you're alone and in a dark room to really let the atmosphere impact you the way it's meant to be. The guy is definitely very talented and he released many albums before this single album.

One thing that would've been cool is if he made this into a concept album. At first I was pretty hesitant when I heard it's inspired by Poe's writings since that's been done many times in past but I do like this perspective on the writings and focus more on the atmosphere that Poe pulled really well in his writings. If you pay attention to his writings, it's all about what's happening around the character. Same concept applies to this album which is what I really enjoyed.

This guy really get what Poe's works was all about.

Recommended for anyone who dig horror related music or ambient genre.

Best Song:Spirits of the Dead-my favorite and I can not stop listening to this song. Absolutely dark and beautiful.

Worst Song: Alone- still great song but I tend to listen to Spirits of the Dead much more often.


by Mazzie´s Music