In my Shiver Interview with Rock Vault Webzine [June 1, 2014]

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In my Shiver Interview with Rock Vault Webzine
Published: June 1, 2014
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Your band was born at 2010, you have two full-length albums and I am sure that Turkish listeners are not familiar with In My Shiver. First, can you give us a brief history of your band?

As you said, In My Shiver was created in 2010. 
After having written a few riffs in my recording studio (MKh979) I realised that the material had a good feel and decided to suggest it to two other musicians and friends, Asha and Lux Occulta, so that I could develop and transform it into a real album. Each of us was the product of different musical experiences and this immediately distinguished our music, bringing different influences to our sound. Our first production called Black Seasons was finished after a few months of song writing in the MKh studio. To all effects and purposes, In My Shiver came into being at this point. On a conceptual level, I would say that In My Shiver are and will always be an extreme metal band that is continually evolving. For those who have listened to both of our CDs, the current album Delicate Poison is concrete proof of this.

How did you get started in music? Who were your early influences and inspirations?

As I said before, each one of us is the product of different musical experiences and has different musical tastes. Undoubtedly, we share a common love for extreme metal. We are the result of many musical influences, from more classical old school black metal to the progressive post-rock of the 1970s and dark new wave and electronic music of the 1980s.
There's not much sense in citing individual bands that have inspired us, everyone knows what the reference bands are for the musical genres that I’ve mentioned. Clearly when we go into the studio it doesn't enter our minds to record an album like X's or Y's, there's always the underlying desire to make our music as individual as possible.

"Delicate Poison" marks the first release with Hypnotic Dirge Records. How do you feel about signing to this label? Will you release multiple recordings through them? 

Yes, Delicate Poison is our first release with Hypnotic Dirge Records. When we started to market the promo for the album we received various recording offers, but we didn't hesitate in signing with Nick, the head of Hypnotic. 
We already knew his label, one that stands for great musical quality in a context that is increasingly populated by superficial names and labels. We were aware of his bands and the chance to release Delicate Poison with his label was a great chance for us. 
We have also come to realize what a great person Nick Skog is, and how dedicated he is to his work. I'm sure that his label's fame as one of the highest quality ones in the underground scene is down to his great passion. The future remains somewhat unknown. We are still creating material as a band. However, this is a two-way street. We don't know if Nick will still like our music in the future. Undoubtedly, we will go to him first when we have new material.

What inspired the album title? 

Delicate Poison captures what we wanted to represent musically, the strong contrast between poison and delicacy, like that between violence and a caress.  Delicate Poison is an album rich in contrasts, and dark tones that become fainter and evolve into almost light and luminous colours. 
This is the meaning behind the title.

How would you characterize the style/sound of this one? According to you, are you playing black metal/depressive rock or are genres not important to you? 

As I said, every style that we listen to or have been exposed to over the course of our lives, even against our own will, has conditioned us for the good or bad.  Extreme metal is the common chord for the members, and then there are other influences that blend to form our musical sound.  Overall, we do not give great weight to a shared genre; of course, we know that we aren't a pop group.

I like your new album's lyrics... I think your inspiration came from everyday life experiences, personal reflections on the nature of reality here in this world... Who pens the band's lyrics? 

Thank you, I'm happy that you liked our lyrics. I write all of them myself. As you guessed, they are all reflections that touch humans that co-exist on this planet. They are globalising lyrics, thoughts on everyday situations that each one of us must all face. They encapsulate many human fears that I try to analyse in my own way, in a lucid and detached manner. 
It's never easy to speak about my lyrics. In general, they are usually written impulsively. I am happy if someone, such as yourself, reads them and spends some time thinking about my ideas, as it is this would be a great breakthrough. 

Please tell us about the album art... 

The CD's artwork reflects the themes of the album. We saw the mannequins as a powerful symbol of what humankind has become. A lifeless object that suffers and wears everything that is placed over him, an object at the mercy of events and modern frenzy, a being that has lost almost all its spiritual and intellectual value. 

Have you read any reviews so far, and are fans reacting to the music the way you’d hoped or expected? 

Yes, we have already read some of the reviews. For the moment, it's what we expected. We knew that we'd created a challenging and not easily assimilated work. Our work is many-faceted and of course, it's not to everyone's liking. However, the reviews are quite good overall. Fans who were already with us from the Black Seasons CD like our new sound and we hope that Delicate Poison will reach as many new people as possible.

What’s going on in your local music scene there in Camerino, Le Marche? Are there any other bands from there we should know about?

Ours is a small town. There aren't any extreme metal bands there, although there are others in the Le Marche region. For example, I sing with Faded, and have produced three albums with the group. I don't want to cite any other groups in particular and in any case, you can't speak of a real scene because 
in Italy we are in the middle of a deep economic crisis. As a result, bands can't find venues to perform their music and slowly die out. It isn't an easy economic or musical/cultural time for our country. 

What's next in the pipeline? Where can our readers see you perform?

We have just started to write other material. We certainly haven't planned any live performances for the moment, but who knows what may happen in the future.

On your personal playlist, what music are you digging lately and what’s coming up you are excited about?

Recently I have been listening to a lot of post-rock and am happy to say that I'm a keen fan of Katatonia, Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson, but I listen to a little of everything, as long as it's good quality.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of music?   

The little time I have away from work is dedicated to my loved ones and sport. There's little time left for yourself in life.

What do you think about Rock Vault Zine? 

A comprehensive webzine that has a load of music!  I have a few problems with the language but google translate helps me out! 

Thanks for your answers. Anything else you would like to mention or promote?

Firstly, I'd like to thank you at Rock Vault for the time and space that you have given us. 
Then I'd like to invite all readers to visit our channels and listen to our music and if possible support our label, Hypnotic Dirge Records, and us by buying our album!
Thanks again.

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