Kassad - Faces Turn Away is #2 on an Invisible Oranges year-end list

Posted by Nick Skog on Wednesday, December 20, 2017 Under: Other
It is the time of year-end lists and we will be sharing some lists that include HDR releases.
Andrew Rothmund - a writer for Invisible Oranges has posted his list and Kassad's "Faces Turn Away" album is #2 on his list.

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Here is what he wrote about the album:
"This album makes me think of how the city chokes people to death; urbanity can be killer. Faces Turn Away is claustrophobic like being stuck in a mega crowd, mechanical like the churn of traffic and pedestrians and various city-related machinery, and as deafening as Chicago’s subway system. It jarrs and impedes its way into your mind, forcing your neurons apart in violent aural assaults — incessant, intrusive, infernal. It shifts back and forth aggressively (ideas are interwoven and layered), turning you into its opponent. There’s rapture to be found is relinquishing all control to something all-powerful — in this case, all-powerful sound (mere vibrations in the air). A key focus here are the vocals: throat-ripping shrieks fuzzed nearly out of decipherability. If you can lock yourself into the flow of Faces Turn Away (admittedly, not the easiest task), then you’ll discover a wellspring of pained emotion and deep, introverted reflection."

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