Neige et Noirceur to be featured on RadioCanada!

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, August 21, 2009
Big news to all of the Neige et Noirceur listeners around the world for this special announcement!

Neige et Noirceur will be featured on CBC Radio Canada, which is a national radio station broadcasted throughout the country with hundreds of thousands of listeners every day!

Neige et Noirceur will be featured on a new radio show showcasing many different types of 'rock' music spaning all genres including black metal, pop-punk, and everything in between, mainstream or underground!

Personally I think having Neige et Noirceur on this program will shock a lot a lot people who have not heard ambient black metal ever in their life and never envisioned for this type of music to exist.

Below is the official press releases from the radio station (translated into english)

Special Rock Show
with host Elodie Gagnon on Bande à part

Once per week, Elodie brings you music that makes her heart stop: songs she seeks out because they are different, loud or original, and always really good. The goal is to broaden musical horizons by comparing music from different genres and parts of the world, ranging from metal to pop-rock. This is a show about the excellence and diversity of new and independent rock music and the relations that exist between different sounds, because music always tells a story.

Once per month, Elodie will prepare a show dedicated to a genre in rock music, retracing the history and spotting the players of the musical genres; because it’s not everyone who really knows how hardcore or indie rock came to be.

Beginning Friday September 11th on Radio-Canada’s Espace musique FM network and archived weekly on our website at