Nethermost takes part in Doommantia's new year's doom quiz

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Nethermost was one of the bands who recently answered some questions for Aleks over at Doommantia for their new year's doom quiz. Also participating was Stangala, Black Pyramid, Eye of Solitude, Gallons of Mud, Iron Void, Northwinds, Stonebridge, and Without God
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This year we continue good tradition of big New Year doom-quiz, there’re only 5 questions for a bunch of good and famous (or not so famous yet) doom bands. What kind of questions do we have today? Mmm… Let us see!

1. As always we’re starting with general question: What is the latest news from the band and what is it current state and plans for 2013?

1. The current plans for 2013 are first of all releasing our debut EP "Alpha" through Hypnotic Dirge Records and after that we will be concentrating on recording new tracks. There're a total of 11 new tracks part of what will be our first LP.

2. Second one is about main hit of the band: Which song does represent the band best? Which one makes you really proud of it?

2. The song that really represents Nethermost at the moment would be "Phasing Currents". It has the perfect balance of atmosphere and melody that the band is known for. We are really proud of this piece.

3. Striking balance as always: Which doom / metal / rock releases were most significant for you in 2012?

3. I really enjoyed Daylight Dies' "A Frail Becoming". It is still growing on me as the vocal style/effect they used changed a bit but it is still a great album. The other one I remember is "Dead End Kings" by Katatonia. It has its share of good songs.

4. This question is something new for most of our heroes: What is the best present you got at this New Year / Christmas? I was glad that I’m not alone who get socks from grandmother each year. Long live grandma! Thank you!

4. I am alive and sharing my world with the people I love, that's the best gift you can receive in life.

5. Well, this question came pretty easy because straight before the New Year came I was enduring worst hangover for 2012. So what was your worst hangover mates? After which drink / substances did you get it and what did you do to reach such amazing results and how you survive it? Preconditions for this question are disclosed in New Year Doom quiz part II.

5. Vivid moments of wishing to be dead are flashing in my head with this question. Never underestimate the powers of Tequila, ever. You think you are tough guy until you are there helpless lying on a bed full of puke asking for help thinking the world has conspired against you. The cold sweats, the massive shakes, the painful nausea and the delirious words coming out of your mouth are nothing but the symptom of your own stupidity. You know you deserve to die but death never comes so you must endure the pain and take it like a man feeling miserable while flashbacks are storming your brain like there's no tomorrow. How did I survive, you ask? I didn't. This feeling still haunts my dreams sometimes. 

 Questions by: Aleks

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