netra - Ingrats [Teaser Video]

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, January 19, 2017 Under: Music Videos
The experimental and internationalist one-man project netra returns with the first new album since 2013 with perhaps his most focused work yet. 

The third full-length album“Ingrats” (french for “ungrateful ones”) is filled with raw and honest music that speaks to a common despair, internal psychosis, and the monotony of modern life. Mixing abrasive and claustrophobic depressive Black Metal, darkwave, trip-hop, and melancholic alternative rock, netra’s music has never been restricted by convention or tradition but on “Ingrats”, the hybridization of genres is perhaps more seamless than ever. The Black Metal feels urgent and sharp as ice, while the heavily distorted guitar tone is absolutely perfect as a contrast juxtaposed against the ominous darkwave melodies.

Pre-orders including shirts and bundle packages coming soon!

Listen to the full track "Everything's Fine"

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