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BB: Hello Steven, first I would like to thank you for giving us this interview. Netra is a quite new entity, “Mélancolie Urbaine” is the first “massive” offering of your band. Can you tell us about the demo-era Netra?                                       I'm afraid there's not much to say about it… I have indeed recorded two demos. The first one, "..emlazh" is an attempt at depicting the ultimate escape from urbanism. it tackles the topic of suicide in a somehow romantic manner. The second demo, "Mélancolie urbaine" is but a draft of what became later netra's first album.

BB: What was Netra doing during the four years between your demo 2006 and this first full length album?
Let's just say that I've been slowly giving shape to this first album, taking my time..

BB: Can you tell us why your last demo has the exact same title of your album? 

This demo contains earlier versions of songs from the album.

BB: What does the name “Mélancolie Urbaine” means to you ? Can you tell us why you choose this title to enclose the concept of your album ?

It is an expression that is actually linked to a lot of memories and feelings. I couldn't have called this album otherwise, it wouldn't have made sense.

BB: Your music is a very refreshing form of Metal… How would you describe the sound of Netra?
Tricky question…i think I will pass this one.

BB: Your music has been labeled by many as “Depressive” Black Metal (even when I’m not completely agree with this asseveration) …What do you think about it?
I don't care really.. I express what I have on my mind, everybody is free to interpret the result his own way. Actually, I think that over-labeling an album is a quite wrong thing to do since it completely influences your listening. In the end, it's more like a commercial thing. And, after all, isn't depression underlying when it comes to black metal ? I don't understand the need to emphasize so much something obvious.

BB: Talking about “Depressive” or “Suicidal” Black Metal, I would like to know your opinion about this incredibly popular tendency.   
Well, I think that conveying depressive feelings through art requires a certain amount of honesty, not with the audience, but with yourself. I kinda doubt that all these so-called "depressive" artists have ever experienced real depression, which is somehow ironic. Now, even though I have very few consideration for a majority of these bands/projects/whatever, there are always exceptions. Anyway, we live in a society in which the lack of respect for oneself has become fashionable. Being suicidal is fun !

BB: There’re some interesting non-Metal references at “Mélancolie Urbaine”. Can you tell us about your non-Metal influences?
Let's say that I have no boundaries in terms of style, as long as the music is somehow touching. It is of course very difficult to define one's influences, but I would say that Joy Division has influenced not only the music but also the creation of netra. They have had a very strong impact on my vision of music. I'm also quite fond of a german jazz act called Bohren und der club of gore, they have a very unique approach of the style. Rob Dougan's Furious Angels is also among my favorite albums ever. So many names could fit here actually… I guess it would be easier for me to talk about my "metal" influences, as they are probably fewer.

BB: How was the composition process of this album?
Quite long actually, I always come up with new ideas to throw in, even now.

BB: Are you satisfied with the final results of this album? What about the audience’s response? 
I don't know a single artist that is honestly satisfied of his work. This is what you get when you try to depict human emotions. As for the audience's response, I must admit that I've been positively impressed about all the feedback I got, I honestly didn't expect so much enthusiasm and am very much looking forward to the release of netra's second album.

BB: Have you ever considered including members to you current one man line-up?  
Well, I have nothing against collaborations, but if you are mentioning rehearsals with an actual band… not really.

BB: The music of Netra is quite complex and multilayered; do you think there’s any chance of reproducing this sound on stage someday?
As of today, I really don't think so.

BB: What’s Netra doing nowadays?
Producing a new album, which may take some time..

BB: Can you tell us about Netra’s future plans?
Not much, I will look into the realization of a new video soon, but nothing defined yet.

BB: Thanks once more for your time, is there any last words you would like to say to our readers?
Thanks very much for your interest. Keep supporting Hypnotic Dirge Records and all the underground labels and zines, they do a damn hard work, just for music's sake.

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