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3 new releases now available for pre-order! [Funeral Fornication, Ekove Efirts, Ov Hollowness]

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, November 8, 2012 Under: Hypnotic Dirge Records
*Originally posted June 8, 2011
On July 29th we will be officially releasing three of the best to date releases on Hypnotic Dirge Records. Continuing onwards on our own evolutionary path, the professionalism of these albums have increased from our previous releases once again. All 3 of the albums will have at least 12 page booklets and the Funeral Fornication album will also come with an album sleeve (O-card).

The albums were sent to plant about 2 weeks ago now and we are now accepting pre-orders for all three of these new releases.

You can pre-order the albums by going to the RELEASES section or clicking on the links below:
HDR - 018 : Funeral Fornication - Pandemic Transgression
HDR - 019 : Ekove Efrits - Conceptual Horizon
HDR - 020 : Ov Hollowness - Drawn to Descend

All pre-orders will be shipped PRIOR to the official release date!!

On the subject of Funeral Fornication, we are offering a very special and limited Funeral Fornication package deal which we anticipate will sell out fairly quickly. The Funeral Fornication package includes the new Funeral Fornication CD (with O-card sleeve), the first-ever Funeral Fornication T-Shirt, a 8X11 Funeral Fornication poster numbered and signed by Vultyrous, and a free Hypnotic Dirge Photography 4X6 photo.
There are only 50 copies available of this limited offer and T-shirt sizes are limited as well, so order quickly if you are interested. 
We are hoping to have sold all of these by the time the official album release date arrives.
Take part in the pre-order and get this limited edition collectors' pack of Funeral Fornication merch.

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