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ALBUM COVER : a noend of mine - Sanctuaires

Posted by Nick Skog on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 Under: a noend of mine
As we initially mentioned last week, Hypnotic Dirge will be working with a noend of mine to release their second full-length album "Sanctuaires". 

Today, we are unveiling the album art crafted by contemporary Ukrainian artist Katya Buchatska, as well as the more insight into the record and the full tracklist.

Sanctuaires is a second album by a noend of mine, a project by Les Vynogradov (Vin de Mia Trix, Kauan). Sanctuaires marks a departure from the mellow proggy vignettes found on anom’s debut, The Serenity’s Eve, in favor of a slower, darker, more cinematic approach. Drawing inspiration from sources as varied as Bark Psychosis, Bohren & Der Club of Gore, Dead Can Dance, and Olivier Messiaen, the album offers an unexpected mix of post-prog, funeral jazz and sacred music.

Thematically, Sanctuaires is a concept album exploring one’s own intimate sanctuaries. Les Vynogradov:

“Our sanctuaries are the places to which we tend to return. In their spatial dimension, they are those privileged sites that have a special significance for us: home; park, garden or a grove; shrine or a place of worship; a particular spot where an important event happened that is now inscribed in our personal sacred topography. On a temporal plane, I call sanctuaries our privileged hours of the day, those fractions of the day or night when we feel most overwhelmed by emotions or most fecund creatively. 

On the album, I tried to recreate some of my own sanctuaries, giving them a sonic form that could convey their inherent evanescence.”

The song titles on Sanctuaires use quotes from French writers Julien Gracq, Albert Camus, and Victor Hugo. Originating from secular texts, they evoke church sermons and hymns. Adding to the overall opaqueness of the album’s atmosphere, Les sings in a pseudo-language reminiscent of ancient Greek. 

“With Sanctuaires, I was looking for my own private version of sacred music. And ancient Greek—which for me is one of the most beautiful languages ever—seemed to fit perfectly in this secular mass. Yet I didn’t want the texts to be intelligible when sung or heard. That is why I translated all the lyrics for the album into my own version of ancient Greek. The original texts (in French) can still be found in the booklet, but they are complementary rather than integral to the experience,” Les comments.

1 - Des chemins crépusculaires I (6:30)
2 - Des chemins crépusculaires II (6:49)
3 - Des chemins crépusculaires III (5:17)
4 - Lento Tenebroso (3:08)
5 - Au fond de cette nuit, une lueur I (5:12)
6 - Au fond de cette nuit, une lueur II (5:07)
7 - Au fond de cette nuit, une lueur III (3:12)
8 - Melas (1:12)
9 - Vers l’immensité de l’aurore éternelle (7:03)

Total: 43:30

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