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ALBUM COVER : Claret Ash - Worldtorn: Anemoia

Posted by Hypnotic Dirge Records on Tuesday, May 23, 2023 Under: Claret Ash
The new EP from Australian Progressive Black Metal band Claret Ash will soon be released through Hypnotic Dirge! Late last year, Claret Ash returned with a new single Gateways, commencing a new series that will develop over the coming years, and now a few months later comes Anemoia.

WORLDTORN: Anemoia - the second installment in the "Worldtorn" series features two new songs displaying the band at the pinnacle of their sound, delivering atmospheric and menacing black metal with equal parts unforgiving black metal savagery, melodic triumphant hooks, soaring solos, and earthly acoustic sections. The EP also includes a re-recording of the track Ground Dweller from its debut album of the same name - faster and more intense as they play it live - before concluding with an acoustic version of The Wolves Have Fed Again taken from their second album, and a beautiful orchestral rendition of the new track Cascadence of the Twilight

1 - Cascadence of the Twilight (7:53)
2 - Invocation of the Dream Weavers (9:28)
3 - Ground Dweller [2023] (7:50)
4 - The Wolves Have Fed Again [Acoustic Version] (3:49)
5 - Cascadence of the Twilight [Orchestral Version] (4:10)

WORLDTORN: Anemoia will be released on CD / Digital through Hypnotic Dirge on Friday August 11 and a LP release will likely follow later in the year. 

The cover artwork for Anemoia was crafted by Stigma : The Art of Samuel Nelson

We look forward to premiering a new track from Claret Ash, as well as opening pre-orders for Anemoia very soon so keep an eye out for more news to come shortly.

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