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ALBUM COVER: Nordicwinter - Desolation

Posted by Nick Skog on Saturday, November 28, 2020 Under: Nordicwinter
As revealed last week, Hypnotic Dirge Records will be working with the Quebec-based Atmospheric / Depressive Black Metal project "Nordicwinter" to re-release one of their 2020 albums "Desolation" in January 2021. We will follow that up with a brand new release from the project in March entitled "Sorrow."

Pre-orders for the new pressing of "Desolation" - released on a 6 panel digipack for the first time, and including a bonus woven patch - will launch late next week!  

"Desolation" Tracklist: 
1 - Forest of Despair (8:04)
2 - A Shadow’s Veil (5:27)
3 - In Solitude (6:11)
4 - Fall to Ruin (instrumental) (0:59)
5 - All That Remains (6:07)
6 - Tomb of Silence (7:52)
7 - Last Rites (instrumental) (1:16)
Total: 35:59

"...The album then fades away with the final instrumental “Last Rites” which leaves you wanting more and that shroud of darkness doesn’t return until you hit repeat all and go through it all over again.
Heartrendingly bleak and desolate."
-Rick Eaglestone

"Most songs are downright infectious to experience, as the venom works its way through your ears into your brain with astonishing speed, and it’s with each successive song that this album impresses the listener. There is a lot to discover here, rewarding consecutive listens. Also the vocals might leave a lasting impression on you with their howling and desperate tone."
-Edmund Sackbauer

"...If one adds to all this the flawless production, then it certainly justifies the fact that this Canadian work is characterized as a masterpiece of atmospheric Black Metal sound."
-The Gallery

"...It’s really rare to find that the music and lyrics go hand in hand together this well, Evillair has done an astonishing job in trying to send us a message, some hard-to-swallow pills.
And by now I can say that, this project, not only in Quebec, but in the world is too slept on. NordicWinter deserves much more attention."
-No Mosh No Core No Trends No Fun Reviews

"...This is well-written music that’s frosted and cold, but still has a warm, expressive heart. The album’s melodic depth goes far, and the songs are constructed with clear care and thought.
...Full of atmosphere and emotive depth, (enhanced by well-considered keyboards), this is a high quality and very enjoyable album that deserves a wider audience than it is likely to get."
-Wonderbox Metal

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