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ALBUM RELEASE: Dødsferd - Wrath

Posted by Hypnotic Dirge Records on Thursday, May 9, 2024 Under: Dødsferd
Today, the new album from Dødsferd - "Wrath" is officially released!

The long-awaited twelfth album from the Greek black metal legions Dødsferd is finally here!
"Wrath" is presented as a DLP gatefold in an edition of 300 copies, divided into 3 variants of 100 copies each - "Lava", "Womb of God", and Classic Black.
The DLP is still currently on pre-order with shipping scheduled to begin in mid-late June, but probably best to act quick since copies won't be around forever.

Additional, "Wrath" is available in a 6 panel digipack CD with an 8 page booklet, available and shipping out now!
We also have an official 100cm x 70cm "Wrath" textile flag, with artwork from George Gyzis, also shipping now!
Today, we also have releasing the official "Wrath" t-shirt, available to pre-order now and shipping in mid-late June!

Thanks everyone for the support and we hope this album will be a cathartic release within a backdrop of an ugly world.

Album notes:
Dødsferd has established its name over the years as a remarkably persistent black metal institution, one which has been consistent in delivering quality outputs album after album, not afraid in taking artistic detours only to come back with full force, and always remaining true to itself. Over the course of two decades, it released no less than 11 full length albums, alongside an impressive number of other EPs, splits, and demos. While it has nothing to prove to no one, Dødsferd burns today with the same fury and passion as ever.

Following the acclaimed “Diseased Remnants of a Dying World” album in 2018, Dødsferd released an atmospheric two-piece album of raw black metal entitled "Suicide and the rest of your kind will follow Part II", followed by an acoustic collaboration with Sarvok. Circling back to its blackest sources, the 12th and newest album "Wrath" promises to be a no holds barred, uncompromising onslaught of raw black metal. Aptly titled after its founder, the album’s eponymous quality can be recognized in its raw purity, and its ability to weave elements which have been used over the past 20 years. Erupting with a renewed maturity and confidence, “Wrath” is at the crossroad of where Dødsferd came from and where it is going; it will appeal to those who have been following Dødsferd over the years, as well as those new to it.  

Dødsferd is Wrath & Wrath is Dødsferd! Till the end of this corrupted and diseased world!

Thematically, “Wrath” carries in its wake a vigorous indictment of the social and economic consequences of capitalism, political corruption, ecocide, and the largest argument against our civility – warfare.

In conspiracy with Dødsferd's very own Fucking Your Creation Records, the new album "Wrath" will be officially released on both CD and LP formats in May 2024. Following that, you can also expect a limited Tape and Digi CD Box Set by the end of the year exclusively through FYC Records.

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