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ALBUM RELEASE: Inherus - Beholden

Posted by Hypnotic Dirge Records on Friday, May 26, 2023 Under: Inherus
Today marks the release of Inherus' debut album Beholden - a monumental album featuring members of Lotus Thief, Forlesen, Botanist, and Witch Kiss spanning 60 minutes, seamlessly drifting between progressive doom, psyche-rock, and black metal!

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Due to an unexpected artwork delay last month, we're still awaiting the arrival of the CD's from the plant, but we spoke to the plant a couple days ago and the CD's are expected to arrive late next week, so please note that any pre-orders or subsequent orders in the coming days won't be shipped for another 1-2 weeks. Keep an eye on your email as you'll receive a shipping notification as soon as your order is on its way.

Album notes:
Crossing the realms of post-metal and heavy rock, Beholden is a 6 track, 60-minute album, that mixes black metal, psyche-rock-influenced solos and doomy riffs with male and female clean & harsh vocals. The record spans genres without living in any singular one and yields both a united heartbreaking and feral sound. Beholden will be released on May 26th, 2023.

"The overall theme is the power of relationships and connectivity. Life challenges us but ultimately we have to know our own strength. Like the Stag Priestess depicted on the cover of the album, there is an otherworldly part of each of us that tames the fire of the unpredictable and approaches the world in spite of it with kindness. She can walk the forest in the dark. The songs call upon that desire."

Greeted by the album's opener Forgotten Kingdom, this heavy, groove-fueled track twists and turns through gloom, doom-filled paths. Powerful harsh vocals enhance the intensity while stunning clean vocal harmonies introduce an ethereal edge. Exploring dynamics of power in relationships, and how so often control is yielded to another at the expense of self, Inherus aptly portray their lyrical concepts through musical performance. Venturing on a dynamic journey through textural landscapes, Beholden leads to the dramatic finale Lie to the Angels. Stepping into progressive lands, intricate lead guitars, thundering percussion and non-standard time signatures feed into the chaotic and dark mood of the track. With demonic harsh emerging through the shadows, Lie to the Angels unleashes the outfit's ominous side. However, the track is not without glimpses into the light, as soaring clean harmonies, delicate drum hits and soft atmospheres deliver a tranquil contrast.

1 - Forgotten Kingdom (9:40)
2 - One More Fire (11:30)
3 - The Dagger (13:47)
4 - Oh Brother (9:52)
5 - Obliterated in the Face of Gods (2:14)
6 - Lie To The Angels (13:16)

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