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ALBUM RELEASE: Nordicwinter - Sorrow

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, March 26, 2021 Under: Nordicwinter
Today marks the official release date of the new Nordicwinter record "Sorrow"!
You can order your copy from our webshop or Bandcamp, or directly from the band!
In addition to this, hoodies, shirts, and bundles are also available.

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Nordicwinter Bandcamp

Album notes:
After a lengthy hiatus, Nordicwinter came back in a big way in 2020, releasing two new full-length albums "Requiem" and "Desolation" and they show no sign of slowing down as they hit us once again with a new full-length album, "Sorrow", released amidst the dead of winter. This prolificacy should in no way be a harbinger of doubt as the quality of "Sorrow" surpasses even the heights of the 2020 records and raises Nordicwinter to the upper tier of Canadian Depressive / Atmospheric Black Metal.

As with its previous records, "Sorrow" examines the darker side of the human condition through somber and melancholic music. Sticking at a mostly mid-tempo pace, the tracks on "Sorrow" (with the exception of the outro) are all between 7-10 minutes in length, and flow with sense and purpose across the record. Utilizing a typical depressive black metal sound, the guitars have the perfect level of distortion to carry a bit of grit while still being clear and allowing the occasional string melody to hover above the mix like a blanket of stars. Meanwhile, the drums and bass provide the necessary backing throughout the record, staying simple but remaining audible and a fundamental part of the album's sound.
“Sorrow” is presented as a 4 panel digipack with an 8 page insert.

1 - Somber Winds Of Despair (Part I) 
2 - Sullen Echoes
3 - In This Darkness
4 - This Mournful Dirge
5 - Dying Winters
6 - Somber Winds Of Despair (Part II)
7 - Enshrined By Solitude



"Effortlessly absorbing and instantly captivating...Sorrow is an exceptional release for fans of doomy, desolate, atmospheric black metal to get their teeth into. It confirms what I thought about Desolation; here’s an artist to pay very close attention to."
-Wonderbox Metal

Bandcamp Player:

Somber Winds of Despair (Part One) [Lyric Video]

Somber Winds of Despair (Part Two) [Lyric Video]

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