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ALBUM RELEASE: Notturno - Obsessions

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, April 29, 2022 Under: Notturno
"Obsessions" is the debut album of the newest project of multi-instrumentalist Vittorio Sabelli (Dawn of a Dark Age, Suici.De.Pression) called NOTTURNO. A melancholic trip into the obsessive compulsions that take shape within our lives, the psychological torment, and the scourge of madness that takes hold inside the ancient walls of the human psyche, peering around the dark corners within all of us.

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NOTTURNO develops its atmosphere through lengthy songs with strong dynamics and pacing, keeping the listener lost in a reverie and crafting an immersive experience at once melancholic and infectious, floating between Atmospheric and Depressive Black Metal, Doom, and Chamber music - intimate and possessing a strong character highlighted by the unique and singular expressiveness of female vocalist Kjiel (Eyelessight) and organically driven drum work of Sven.
Released in a 4 panel digipack with a 12 page booklet.

Cover Model: Michela Suffritti
Photography: Riccardo Ziosi

1 - Fear [12:49]
2 - Darkness [9:06]
3 - Falling [14:55]
Total: 37:31 min


"The album is very effective in presenting a very particular form of sadness and anguish and it does it so well; the combination of riffs and achingly melancholic and sorrowful vocals have a very powerful effect on the listener. A great first album, I’m already excited for the follow up."
Musipedia of Metal

"Obsessions is a satisfying and rewarding work. The band craft their art with intimate pain and despairing gloom, and provide the listener with a spread of lost hope and existential darkness to feast upon."
-Wonderbox Metal

"Both enjoyers of trad doom and second-wave worshippers should find something to love in this baroque serving of Italian darkness."
-Toilet Ov Hell

"Three behemoth offerings of dark, chilling and harsh atmospheric black metal. Notturno take the listener on a journey into dark and very deep depths. "

*Please note that due to a production delay, NOTTURNO orders will not ship until mid-May.

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