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Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, February 5, 2021 Under: Omination
Wastelanders, your soundtrack to the apocalypse is here. Today we officially unveil the full suite of hymns to propagandize the inhabitants of the New Golgotha Repvbliq!

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An absolute mammoth of a record, “NGR” (The New Golgotha Repvbliq) contains over an hour of some of the most encapsulating and ominous funeral doom metal to come out in quite some time. Combining abrasive and dissonant riffs with a shroud of atmospheric and monumental church organ and choirs, the instrumental aspect of this record is already massive, which is only enhanced by Fedor’s forceful growls, belted with conviction and strength.

The music and overall atmosphere of Omination is derived from the last cathedral, preached by the prophesying wanderer. Originally started as a solo project from Fedor Kovalevsky (Vielikan, Severe Agony), Omination enters 2021 as a full band with  Nessim Toumi and Zied Kochbati, set to prophesize our downfall.

"NGR" is presented as a 6 panel digipack CD, alongside a bonus patch for the first 100 orders. 
Hoodies, Shirts, and Bundles are also available, and as usual, the full album is available to download in the file format of your choice for no minimum-price!

As always, profits are shared with the bands and the dollar goes a long ways in Tunisia, so please consider donating a few dollars when downloading the album if you are able to.

All CD pre-orders were shipped out this week and bundles will ship next week. Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy the new record!


""NGR" is a diverse, unique doom metal album that is a pleasure to listen to for its entire run time. There isn’t any album or any band in doom that sounds like this."
-Metal Temple (9/10)

"Songs like "Necropolis, The Backbone" and "The Sword That Came Out of His Mouth" are about as good as Funeral Doom gets, and they even manage a solid cover of Skepticism's "Nothing" to top it all off. Not to be missed."
-Metal Crypt (4.25/5)

"At no time during this album does anything feel comfortable. The riffs are abrasive, the atmospheric feel tingling the skin and bewitching in equal measure. It’s a difficult listen, but the rewards are worth it. If you can tolerate the sheer intensity of this work, then absorbing oneself into The New Golgotha Repvbliq is an amazing and wondrously blackened experience. "
-Musipedia of Metal (8/10)

"Omination, probably the best metal act coming out of Tunisia, create lumbering, orchestral marches like a medieval mass in a collapsing cathedral in the middle of its implosion. ... goddamn this shit is good. ... Omination have here done things I could have never anticipated. Strongly recommended."
-Deaf Sparrow (4.8/5)

"Omination sounds exactly like no other band, yes there are some influences, but their sound is truly unique and crushing."
-Infernal Masquerade (92/100)

"Grotesque, affecting, and soul-crushing in length ‘NGR’ recalls the very best of classic funeral doom taken to a maddeningly loud extreme and there is some considerable feat in pulling this style out of the shadows and into the post-apocalyptic fallout of mankind."
-Grizzly Butts (7/10)

1 - Crossing the Burned Wasteland (0:00)
2 - Apocalyptic Ignis Fatuus (3:52)
3 - Last Trisagion (14:06)
4 - Necropolis, the Backbone (18:57)
5 - The Sword that came out of His Mouth (26:58)
6 - Unto the Ages of Ages (34:27)
7 - Death(s), Love and Life (43:14) 
8 - Post-Apocalypticism (50:58)
9 - The New Golgotha Repvbliq (57:21)
10 - Nothing (1:17:39)  (Skepticism Cover - Online bonus)

End: 1:27:55
CD Total: 1:17:39
*The Skepticism cover is exclusively online

Bandcamp Player:

"Apocalyptic Ignis Fatuus" [Music Video]

"The sword that came out of His mouth" [Visualizer]

"Nothing" (Skepticism Cover) [Visualizer]

Additional Links:
Omination Bandcamp
Omination Facebook

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