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ALBUM RELEASE: Orphans of Dusk - Spleen

Posted by Hypnotic Dirge Records on Friday, April 28, 2023 Under: Orphans of Dusk
Today we are pleased to present the new album from Orphans of Dusk in all its gloomy glory!

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Album Notes:
It has been ten years since the band’s inception in 2013, and nine since their last offering on Hypnotic Dirge Records. In 2014, Orphans of Dusk released Revenant, a brilliant 4-song EP that conjured the grandeur of goth and death-doom blackest of the black.

Described as a talented successor to Type O Negative and Woods of Ypres, Orphans of Dusk demonstrates the ability to write memorable songs with powerful riffs, weaving heaviness and beauty into a lush gothic atmosphere.

This Winter, Orphans of Dusk opens their goth-doom gasket again, coming back to life to present Spleen, their haunting new album. Spreading its vice over 8 songs, Spleen's full length duration enables the band, over the course of 50 minutes, to bring listeners further into their sublime dark universe, pushing further all facets that gave its identity in the first place. Spleen picks up where “Revenant” left, immediately displaying a well produced record and melodies that will immediately find its place in many gothic and doom music libraries. On Spleen, Orphans of Dusk however chooses to focus less on the previous atmospheric death-doom elements, and more on the gothic vocals and guitar harmonies. As a result, Spleen hits like a stake through the heart – it is the band’s most mature offering to date, and one that should gather the world’s gothic-doom scene’s attention.

Recommended for fans of Type O Negative, Woods of Ypres, Unto Others, Helevorn, A Pale Horse Named Death, and My Dying Bride. 

1 - Welcome Black (1:44)
2 - Wasted Hero (8:18)
3 - I’m Going To Haunt You (When I Die) (6:37)
4 - Aurora Australis (9:07)
5 - Spleen (8:20)
6 - Victim of a Vampire (6:41)
7 - Magic Keys (2:22)
8 - Falling Star (6:52)
9 - A Spell of Bad Luck (CD Exclusive) (5:29)

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I'm Going To Haunt You [Music Video]


Falling Star

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