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ALBUM RELEASE: Ov Shadows - Heresiarch

Posted by Hypnotic Dirge Records on Friday, June 21, 2024 Under: Ov Shadows
Returning for their third and final album, “Heresiarch” sees Ov Shadows honing their ferocious style of vigorous and energetic Black Metal that serves as an all-out auditory assault of powerful and relentless riffs, pummeling drums and impassioned vocals! "Heresiarch" promises to build on the band's previous works and add a final exclamation mark to the band’s catalog!

"Heresiarch" - Name-your-price Download

"Heresiarch" is a digital-only album, available now for "name-your-price" download.
All digital donations will be shared with the band!

Heresiarch Tracklist:
1 - Repulsed by those who adhere to you 
2 - Of the Ancient 
3 - Eradicated by Profanity and Blasphemy 
4 - Lord of Thaumiel 
5 - Bloodsoaked Psalms 
6 - Season of decay 
7 - Invocation 
8 - III  

RA - Bass, Vocals
JW - Drums 
AA - Guitars
AF - Guitars 

Music, lyrics, recording, mixing, and mastering by Ov Shadows in the cold autumn/winter of 2023.

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