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BAND SIGNING: Maeskyyrn signs with Hypnotic Dirge for the release of debut full-length "Interlude"

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, August 23, 2019 Under: Maeskyyrn
Based in Montréal, Québec, Maeskyyrn is crafting introspective atmospheric black metal. Formed in 2017 by Harslingoth and Saemyaza, Maeskyyrn quickly began to write and record what was to become their first offering, the self-released EP "Thoughts of Shattered Dreams" releasing in January 2018. A second guitarist, "Noctis" was added to their lineup during the writing process of the album.

Not long after this, Maeskyyrn took their dynamic and authoritative vision to the stage as they continued formulating what would eventually become "Interlude", their debut full-length album. Over the course of the "Interlude" writing process, Maeskyyrn's lineup was also eventually completed with the additions of Mehrunes on Drums and Nemetona on Bass making them a formidable live force and yet another reminder of the strength and quality of Metal Noir Québécois.

"We are Maeskyyrn,

We are the wraiths of conscience, the inhibited envy of living in light and knowledge. All paths are traced and we can not choose to follow the ones linked to our energy. We have assembled melodies into songs instead of turning our contempt into regrets, fear and deceit. Natives of the South-East plains of Canada, Maeskyyrn is revolving around emptiness, our choices among alternative paths, the soul that goes astray, perdition and all the sadness of our lives. The way we all get so easily caught up in the illusion that our common world has become. Our words are entwined with poetry, personal interpretation and introspection. We are the voices, we are the eyes and we are the spirit. Is there still hope? Maybe, but we are not here to enlighten you on that matter... or are we?"

The recording, mixing, and mastering of "Interlude" took place at Kerouac Productions Studios, lead by Saemyaza, the last eye, and founder of Maeskyyrn.

"Interlude" will be presented as a 6 panel digipack with an accompanying booklet and released worldwide through Hypnotic Dirge Records on October 17.
To commemorate the release, Maeskyyrn will be performing with The Negation, Verglas Sanglant and Nälzer that evening at Coop Katakombs in Montréal!

Vocals / Harslingoth, The Overseer
Lead Guitar / Saemyaza, The Last Eye
Rhythm Guitar / Noctis, The Veil Of Night
Drum / Mehrunes, The Pace Of Blight
Bass / Nemetona, The Grove Keeper

Jean-philippe matte [Aka Dorgul, of Orthanc] - Bass guitars on "Interlude" recording

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