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COMPILATION RELEASE: Subarctic Nocturnes - Below the Wilted Grove [Volume III - MMXVI]

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, November 25, 2016 Under: Hypnotic Dirge Records
"Many moons have passed since our last compilation was released, but now we would like to present to you our third and final release of the Subarctic Nocturnes compilation series, “Below the Wilted Grove”. For those who revel in the simple yet brilliant sounds of acoustic medleys, accompanied by haunting vocals, trance-inducing rhythms, and droning violins, this is a collection of songs not to be missed! Fit for the rustic scenes of this dying season, “Below the Wilted Grove” is sure to ease its listeners into the most bitter of months ahead, as we’re lowered once again into the cold grave of another merciless winter.

Possibly our most surprising and dynamic compilation yet, the tracklist has been arranged, for the most-part, in an alternating order of instrumentals and lyrical songs, providing a balance of sonic worlds to be discovered, for adventurous and introspective minds alike. 

"Subarctic Nocturnes - Below the Wilted Grove" - Download/Stream

While each track bears its own genre-transcending qualities in contrast to the others, it’s worth noting that within roughly one-and-a-half hours of varied acoustic soundscapes we have included a live and unreleased track from Harrow (who is a recent addition to the HDR roster) and a subtle presence of the electric within many of the tracks submitted, such as those by Alberta’s “RAW”, Saskatchewan’s “Black Tremor”, British Columbia’s “Anilah”, Ukraine's "a noend of mine" (featuring Anton Belov and Alex Vynogradoff of "Kauan"), Oregon's "Aerial Ruin", and perhaps most notably through a guest appearance from Don Anderson (of “Agalloch”) on the track contributed by “Dolven”, who likewise hail from Oregon.  Also among the 15 tracks included on this compilation, is a sneak peek of what’s to come from “Dwell in Moonblood”, a neofolk project based in Maine, USA, featuring HDR’s own Stephanie Sintra, and Brendan Hayter of “Obsidian Tongue” and “Thrawsunblat”.

We would like to extend a great deal of gratitude to all who have supported Hypnotic Dirge Records, now and over the years, and the incredibly driven and adept musicians who we’ve had this great pleasure of collaborating with! Without their undying dedication to their art, this compilation would not have been possible.. So please do not forget to visit their bandcamp pages as well, and show them your support! We hope you, listeners from around the globe, will enjoy this as much or even more than our past compilations, and share this within your circles of music-obsessed maniacs. Thank you."

1 - RAW - Death Waltz
2 - Aerial Ruin - Burn the Seasons
3 - Black Tremor - The Church
4 - a noend of mine - Dissolving Into Green
5 - Nathanael Larochette - Farewell
6 - Thrawsunblat - She, Arboreal [Acoustic Version]
7 - Ulvesang - A Town of Ash
8 - Nechochwen - On the Wind
9 - Dolven - Inhale
10 - Harrow - Fallow Fields [Live & Ureleased Version]
11 - Musk Ox - Above the Clouds
12 - Crooked Mouth - Moontrance
13 - Dwell in Moonblood - Time: Waning Moon (Mischance of the Hour)
14 - Anilah - Warrior [Original Version]
15 - stroszek - I Resign

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