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COVER REVEAL: Liminal Shroud - Through the False Narrows

Posted by Nick Skog on Monday, October 5, 2020 Under: Liminal Shroud
As the skies turn grey and dense fogs hang above the shoreline, Liminal Shroud will expel a swirl of melancholia and torment over its moss-strewn forests and perilous waves. 

On Friday November 20, their debut "Through the False Narrows" will be released through Hypnotic Dirge, but before we get ahead of ourselves, let us first reveal the exemplary cover art from Victoria-based artist Alayna Coral Gretton.

"Through the False Narrows" comprises the following tracklist:
1 - A Hollow Visage (11:16)
2 - Tainted Soil (6:33)
3 - To Forget (8:10)
4 - The Grotto (6:19)
5 - Erupting Light (4:08)
6 - Sentinel (6:56)
7 - Lucidity (11:05)
Total: 54:30

Next week we will release the track "Sentinel" so you can all hear a preview from the record, and shortly afterwards we'll launch pre-orders. 

Stay tuned!

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