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DIGITAL RELEASE: Moonworshipper - 13 Fullmoon Nights of Loneliness

Posted by Nick Skog on Monday, June 15, 2020 Under: Moonworshipper
Truly avantgarde and genre-bending releases are still a somewhat rare phenomenon, especially those few who are able to retain a strong narrative and cohesion despite the confluence of various sounds and influences.

We believe that the French act "Moonworshipper" is one such act, blending together lo-fi suicidal black metal, with trip-hop, soundtrack music, doom, depressive pop, and jazz. The debut EP of Moonworshippers, entitled "13 Fullmoon Nights of Loneliness" is the start of a planned conceptual trilogy which will be resolved over the coming months. 

The seamless blend of genres wash over the running time of this EP, with vocals shifting between anguished screams of despair and hauntingly soulful female vocals as the musical diversity is on full display throughout allowing the story to take shape and presenting a vivid and genuine convergence of sounds. Fans and listeners of Lana Del Rey, Shining, netra, Ulver, White Ward and Manes will likely find a lot of value in "13 Fullmoon Nights of Loneliness" and eagerly await the next chapter of this tale.

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