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DIGITAL RELEASE: Sertraline - From Both Our Hands

Posted by Nick Skog on Saturday, July 20, 2019 Under: Sertraline
Sertraline is the most aurally decadent post-black metal band to hit the scene in the last few years. Their impact comes primarily from a combination of melodic saturation and individual expertise. Most of the members previously played together for over a decade in the band Where She Wept, and the chemistry in this six-piece is obvious. The vocals are passionate and laden with emotion; the three-guitar choir creates an impenetrable wall of sound; the bass is unique, expressive, and vibrant; and the drums are clearly jazz-influenced, groovy, and, when called for, unrelenting. The result is a second EP that will leave you craving the next release, crawling back to listen to their 2017 release “Shade” again, and seeing them perform live at every opportunity.

Stream / Download on Bandcamp

1 - Hounds of Avarice
2 - The Knowledge of Trees 
3 - Entwined

Guitars - Jay Zgoda 
Guitars - David Lopian 
Guitars - Shelly Muehlbauer 
Vocals - Tom Muehlbauer 
Drums - Ken Culton 
Bass - Jason Roman 

Recorded in the Spring of 2018 
Recorded and produced by Joe Leising at Rotten Metal Recording 

Painting: Ophelia by John William Waterhouse

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