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DIGITAL RELEASE: Sertraline - These Mills Are Oceans

Posted by Nick Skog on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 Under: Sertraline
Fresh off the release of "From Both Our Hands" and their eastern North American tour this summer, Sertraline returns with "These Mills Are Oceans", another sublime collection of songs that will conjure up a plethora of emotion through its fantastic use of dynamics and juxtaposition between delicate and ominous atmospheres and vibrant crescendos of lush and mesmerizing sections that feel deeply cathartic. From the start of "Eyes As Tableau", Sertraline will enthrall, enchant, hypnotize and hold a trance on you until the last note is played.

1 - Eyes As Tableau
2 - Their Cities
3 - Prague

Digital [Name-your-price] (Bandcamp)
Streaming - Youtube

*Also available on Spotify, Google Play, etc.

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