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DISTRO UPDATE: Vendetta Records [vinyl]

Posted by Nick Skog on Sunday, June 20, 2021 Under: Webshop Additions
We received a selection of vinyl from Vendetta Records about 6 weeks ago but dragged our feet a bit in making them available. 

As we only have 2x of each record, it felt a bit cumbersome to add all of these to the official webshop, but I added them to our Discogs page last night. 

This is no small update, as 26 titles new and old have been added. Have a look below for the list of titles and place your order on our Discogs if interested.

Some of the sleeves have slight corner bends from the shipping from Germany to Canada. This is stated on the details of that record if that is the case.

Available now:

WANDAR “Landlose Ufer” LP
DIATRIBE “odite sermonis” LP
VUKARI “divination” LP
VITAL SPIRIT “in the face that looks through death” LP
SUNKEN “livslede” LP
NAXEN “towards the tomb of times” LP
SINSITRAL KING „serpent uncoiled“ LP (not on discogs)
DÖDSDRIFT „weltenszession“ LP
FÓRN „the departure of consciousness” LP+7”
VORGA “radiant gloom” LP 
LIOSBER "constrrictor redeemer" LP
SUN WORSHIP "emanations of desolation" DLP
WANDAR “zyklus” LP
ABYSSAL VACUUM "mmxvii-mmxviii" LP
ULTHA "converging sins" DLP
WITCHCULT "cantate of the black mass" LP
IMHA TARIKAT "kara ihlas" LP
AYYUR "the lunatic creature" LP
MARID "vvvvvvv" LP
WILD HUNT "afterdream of the reveller" DLP
ABSTRACTER "cinereous incarnate" LP
ANICON "entropy mantra" LP
WILT “ruin” LP
WILT "moving monoliths" LP
WOE hope attrition LP

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