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Epitimia and Silent Path albums now available to pre-order, download, or stream!!

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, November 8, 2012 Under: Release News
*Originally posted July 4, 2012
Hypnotic Dirge's newest releases, EPITIMIA -  FACES OF INSANITY, and SILENT PATH - MOURNER PORTRAITS are now both available to pre-order. If you pre-order one (or both) of these releases, you will also receive a digital version of the album (in your choice of .wav or Mp3 format, and complete with album art) to listen to until the CD arrives in the mail. Digital downloads of both new releases are also available from HDR's BANDCAMP page for $5.00 each and both albums are also streaming for free in their entirety. 

The philosophy of Hypnotic Dirge Records is that music is art, and as such, it deserves to be free -  at the very least in terms of providing the artist's work in a complete and uninterrupted stream of an album so that it can be listened to in full, and not just select promo tracks. In the past, my personal philosophy on this matter, and the way that Hypnotic Dirge was set up did not really coincide. This new approach of providing free streaming, $5 downloads, and $10 (plus shipping) CD releases will be the new standard for all future HDR albums from now on, and should be especially useful in being able to stream the entire album in full before deciding whether you would like to buy the CD version, download only, or neither. 


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