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ALBUM RELEASE: Frigoris - Wind

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, June 7, 2013 Under: Frigoris
Frigoris - Wind available now for free streaming, $5 download, and CD order!

The new album from the atmospheric black metal band Frigoris entitled "Wind" is now available from Hypnotic Dirge Records. In addition to the regular CD edition which was co-released by Hypnotic Dirge and Misanthropic Art Productions, the album has also been uploaded to Bandcamp and Youtube for free streaming in its entirety, and is also available as a $5 digital download.

Although founded as a Pagan/Black Metal band, Frigoris has steadily developed their sound since its foundation around head Dominik Winter in 2007 and now stands as a high-level atmospheric, melodic Black Metal band. The new record Wind is the current peak of this development and highlights Frigoris' ability in mixing ferocious black metal with acoustic guitars and folk sensibilities. The over fifty minute piece is filled with a surpassing emotional intensity that creates a bond between pure aggression and deep melancholy. 

Co-released by Hypnotic Dirge Records and Misanthropic Art Productions, Frigoris' Wind should appeal to fans of Agalloch, (old) Woods of Ypres, Wolves in the Throne Room, Fen, and Imperium Dekadenz.

"Wind" has received a lot of nice feedback from the press so far, including the following from these 'zines:

"Wind is a swirling contrast of elegance and intensity, culminating in a spectacular display of musical ingenuity combined with a higher sense of melancholy, which gives life to the atmospheric black metal genre by relying on the genre’s most natural elements. If there was one album released in a modern setting that would surpass the genre’s fathers, Frigoris have created it. Crafting folk-y melodies and acoustic sections with crushing chords and furious, yet even paced double bass drum work might not seem that much out of the ordinary these days, yet Frigoris’ 2013 record pushes past the stereotypes, giving life to these ‘apparently’ done before soundscapes."
-Melting Album Review

"If you want me cut to the chase and spare you a read the two best words to describe the album Wind are EPIC and MAJESTIC!  Seriously never have I heard so much effort, heart, and emotion put into one album but this is it.  And I am not talking about three or four tracks, I am talking about it all. There are just so many elements proposed that can attract any extreme metal fan.  From the heathens, to those more of the melancholic nature, or to those who enjoy a strong and intense black metal sound, this is all for you into one stellar album.  From the beginning sounds of the acoustic, Windgeflüster, and all the way down to the path of the end, Wenn die Maske bricht, it will have you at grasp the whole time."
-Desolation Infinite Blogpost

Wind is such a perfect, beautiful and strong album that it makes your skin crawl. Very emotional, making all your feelings come out, good and bad feelings, as they mix perfectly the aggressiveness with the painful melodic tones and tunes. Really a very good experience, memorable journey.
Really, one of the best albums of 2013 for Lachryma Christi. Highly recommended. Go for it. 
-Lachryma Christi Webzine

On Saturday June 7, Frigoris will play their CD release show at Helvete Club in Oberhausen, Germany, so if you're in that area go out and support some great music!



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