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Galaktik Cancer Squad signs with Hypnotic Dirge Records

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, November 8, 2012 Under: Band signings
*Originally posted June 6, 2012

The ambitious one-man project from Germany, GALAKTIK CANCER SQUAD has signed a deal with Hypnotic Dirge Records. Galaktik Cancer Squad is known for its unconventional approach in mixing the ferocity of extreme black metal with an avant-garde experimental quality of technical songwriting and a space-like atmosphere. The music of Galaktik Cancer Squad also stands apart for its extremely sparse use of vocals, making the tracks almost completely instrumental compositions.

Hypnotic Dirge Records will release the 'Strange Spheres of Hyperborea' in traditional CD format in late 2012. In the meantime however the album is currently available for streaming and "name your price" download (virtually free) in its entirety from the Galaktik Cancer Squad bandcamp page. In addition to this, GCS' debut album 'Eroberer' and compilation album of re-recorded tracks forming the album 'The Gathering' are both available for free download on Hypnotic Dirge Records' website. 


However, if you would just like to hear one track from the upcoming 'Strange Spheres of Hyperborea' album for the time being, the track 'Ein wilder tanz im Licht der Sterne' has been available for streaming/download on BANDCAMP, and YOUTUBE.

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