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Posted by Nick Skog on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 Under: Hypnotic Dirge Records
After a calm past few months, work is now being undertaken regarding plans for 2015 album releases! Asides from providing for a little more down time than usual, the last few months have also been used to reorganize the website as well as to refine our intentions and objectives for the months to come.

Finally, a thorough and detailed Manifesto has been completed giving an overview of our operations as well as information on a variety of subjects. 

For the sake of some consistency, webshop updates will now occur on the 1st day of every month from now on, instead of sporadically without schedule!
As well, Aural Eminence will begin again now after a break, and will occur twice a month. Between the 1st and 15th and between the 16th-30th/31st.

The new front page of the HDR website includes all monthly webshop updates, current Aural Eminence albums, past and upcoming HDR releases, and additional info so check it out below. 

There a lot of fine new additions to the webshop this October including new albums from The Morningside, Helevorn, Doom:VS, and When Bitter Spring Sleeps among others, as well as the debut album from Saskatchewan's newest death-doom band Altars of Grief. 

News and 2015 release plans to come soon...

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