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Hypnotic Dirge Records signs acoustic project stroszek

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, November 8, 2012 Under: stroszek

*Originally posted June 26, 2011 

Hypnotic Dirge has added the Italian acoustic band stroszek to its lineup. stroszek is the brainchild of Claudio Alcara, known for being the guitar player in the influential and long standing Italian Black Metal band 'Frostmoon Eclipse'. Claudio works on stroszek with bandmates Richard on drums, and David on bass creating a wonderful three-man studio project. With stroszek, Claudio is able to create the music he had always envisioned, stating "I wouldn't call stroszek a side project as such, it's just really my material, something that's been inside me for a long time." Already at this point, stroszek has released two full-length albums through the American label 'God is Myth'. Through Hypnotic Dirge Records, stroszek will release his third full-length album 'sound graveyard bound' in the latter half of 2011 [Pending Release: December 2011] which includes a cover of country artist - Mike Johnson's track 'If the world hadn't gone insane'. Also citing Johnny Cash as an influence, as well as his writing style with Frostmoon Eclipse, there is no denying that Claudio Alcara of stroszek has eclectic music tastes - something which we encourage at HDR! You can listen to music from stroszek including tracks from the upcoming album at the new STROSZEK profile. Keep posted to that page as well for new developments as we near the release of the new stroszek album sound graveyard bound.

You can also listen to past works of stroszek by visiting their BANDCAMP page, which has their full discography available for streaming.

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