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In my Shiver signs with Hypnotic Dirge Records

Posted by Nick Skog on Wednesday, October 2, 2013 Under: In my Shiver
In my Shiver signs with Hypnotic Dirge Records
New album "Delicate Poison" to be released in December 2013.

In my Shiver, an experimental black metal/shoegaze band from Camerino, Italy has signed with Hypnotic Dirge Records for the release of their upcoming second album "Delicate Poison" which is scheduled to be released in December 2013. The opening track from the album, "Closed View" is now available for free streaming and download on the label's Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Youtube pages and is a nice representation of the band's overall sound and aura from the "Delicate Poison" album. 

The conceptual themes of In My Shiver include the loneliness and sadness of modern life, cityscapes, and a critique of the dominant culture. In 2009 In my Shiver released their debut album “Black Seasons” through Solitude and Despair Music in South Korea and now they present their follow-up album “Delicate Poison.”  Combining oppressive and ferocious black metal with melancholic modern depressive rock, In My Shiver blends these sounds to create an unrelenting modern depressive classic with amazing riffs and melodies. In particular In my Shiver utilizes dissonant chord structures to create an uncomfortable and claustrophobic atmosphere and has a strong ability in using contrasts throughout the album which is only heightened by a professional sound quality, strong musicianship, and a diverse vocal performance.  This album will appeal to fans of post-black metal, and 80’s rock/electronic music, and in particular fans of Katatonia, Solefald, and early-Ulver.

Another track from the album will be released in approximately a month's time on the upcoming annual free digital compilation album from Hypnotic Dirge Records.

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