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New Solitude Productions releases in stock!!

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, November 8, 2012 Under: Webshop Updates
*Originally posted March 19, 2012
We have received new stock from Solitude Productions today, including a couple of new releases, and some re-stocks of some items which were previously sold out and on backorder.

SP - 054 : Helllight - Funeral Doom/The light that brought darkness 2CD (NEW)
BMM - 049 : Zgard - Reclusion (NEW)

SP - 046 : Abstract Spirit - Horror Vacui (RESTOCK)
BMM - 011 : Mournful Gust - The Frankness Eve (RESTOCK)
BMM - 033 : Mounrful Gust - She's my grief...decade 2CD (RESTOCK)

HDR will also be getting another shipment from Solitude Productions in about 2 weeks time which will include the latest album from Ea, as well as three other brand new releases which will be made available on the same day of release as Solitude.
If you are interested in ordering Solitude Productions albums, go to the SP RELEASES section.

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